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How to Avoid Embarrassing Skills Gaps with eLearning

Confident Man

When we started offering online courses about 3 years ago, we had not even considered that our courses would be useful to employees wanting to fill embarrassing skills gaps. During appraisals, an employee can easily bring up the desire to attend a conference detailing the latest techniques or latest research. But how easy is it for a senior manager bring up the fact that they need a little help with their presentation skills? How will a newly promoted manager feel when they have to raise the fact that they feel they have lost control of their team and could do with some management training? While some of us would feel comfortable to raise the issue, many of us would recoil at the thought.

Get QLTY: The Simple Way to Select Quality Leadership Training

Leadership Meeting

Quality leadership training for your front-line employees should align to your talent strategy which in turn should align to the overall corporate strategy. You may have determined the needs of your employees through a formal ‘Learning Needs Analysis’ or by informal data gathering on the current and future skills required. Either way, selecting a training solution should have clear and defined expectations from YOU and also include the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor for YOUR employees. You and your employees are the “Y” in QLTY.


Jump-Start Your Journey to Become an Expert in Human Lie Detection

Human Lie Detector

When you look back on the last time you interviewed a candidate for a position in your company, did you wonder whether the applicant was telling you the truth? You might know how to detect lies, but there are actually ways to increase your accuracy in lie detection. Vanessa Van Edwards, OpenSesame’s newest seller, is an expert in body language and nonverbal communication. Vanessa is a Huffington Post columnist, a keynote speaker at many corporate training events, and frequently makes appearances on popular networks like NBC’s The Today Show!

Infographic: Harness the Full Potential of the Mature Workforce

Older worker with younger colleagues

There is a widening skills gap in the workforce. “Industry brain drain" is a contributing factor, in which increasing numbers of mature workers leave the workforce, resulting in a loss of vast amounts of valuable knowledge and experience. Help these employees make their "comeback" to the workforce, while also helping your bottom line.

Great Comeback Stories from the Business World

Ford Model T

Our theme this week is “Comebacks.” Yesterday we covered coming back from the Exxon Valdez oil spill; today we’ll switch gears and look at a few big comebacks in the business world! If you’re like most highly successful people, you’ll have to experience a certain amount of failure before your big win. If you’re a young person just starting out, you may feel the obstacles to success are insurmountable. If you’re a seasoned business professional trying to save a drowning company, you may feel you’ll never make it. Have no fear! You may be at your lowest, but you’re not alone. There are many examples of great business comebacks; here are a few to inspire you to make your comeback!

Alexis Phillips

5 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Conditional formatting excel button

Many of us have some trouble adapting to new technologies... perhaps more than we’d like to admit. Even certain ubiquitous office technologies aren’t used properly due to the ignorance of the user. For instance, how many of us - beyond just knowing what Excel is - know how to use the program to its full potential?

Tech Week: Celebrating Project Managers

Project Manager Balancing Employees

On this last day of Tech Week, I want to focus on an often overlooked, but vital, player of the tech world—the project manager. Project management is a demanding and thankless profession, requiring a higher than average amount of ball juggling and incurring high levels of stress in the process. And while project management is necessary in nearly every field and industry, the importance of project management, and by association the project manager (PM), is often belittled or unacknowledged.

What You Can Learn About PR and Social Media from Russia and the Olympics

Russian Flag

You may be wondering what connection there is between a country and a corporation. To be frank, there is very little difference in managing a country's or a company's image. If you happen to follow any Olympic athletes on Twitter or read the news online, you're probably hearing horror stories of the inability to flush toilet paper, lights falling from the ceiling, unsafe water, and lost reservations at Russia's Olympic Village. This is certainly not the image Russia wants to portray. As a business, you want to avoid this kind of tarnished image at all costs. Social media and public relations can make or break you.


Get the Job You Deserve: A New Take on an Old Problem

You're Hired! Sticknote

There's more to getting a job than being good at interviewing. The person's resume or LinkedIn profile first has to be found, the person needs to be great at networking to get their resume to the top of the list, then the resume has to be read and be so compelling the person is invited in for an interview. But we're not done yet. Once in the interview, the candidate than needs to make sure the interviewer is asking the right questions before giving the right answers

Cindy Pascale

How to Create the Perfect Dairy Queen Swirl

Ice Cream Sundae

As a teenager, my first job was working at a Dairy Queen making ice cream cones, sundaes and shakes. On my first day, my manager showed me how to make the famous DQ swirl that sits on top of all DQ cones. First, he showed me how to make a cone, identifying all the minor movements that need to be made to create the perfect ice cream cone. He told me to keep practicing and practicing until I got it. And I did. Within a short while, I was able to create the signature swirl. Without giving it a name, my manager had me develop my skills to achieve the perfect DQ swirl by practicing and developing my skills on the job.


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