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Marketing Your eLearning Initiative: Finding Your Champions

Holding Stanley Cup

Increasing engagement in your elearning program takes more than an email every now and then. Just as a consumer must have 5-7 touch points with a brand to consider purchasing, your employees need frequent reminders on the value of online training. Earlier this month, I shared how establishing a set of objectives for your elearning program will help employees understand the benefits and impact of training on their jobs. In this second post from our ongoing series on how to market your elearning initiative, I will discuss the importance of champions, as well as ways to involve them in your internal marketing.

Marketing Your eLearning Internally - Part 1

Starting something new is always a bit scary. This particularly true when instituting a new program in the workplace. Employees are often suspicious of the motives behind a change, and are apprehensive about what it means for their workload and job roles. Therefore, launching an elearning program at your company without first addressing these concerns can result in low usage and a lack of interest in the program.

Blended Learning and How It Applies to Business

Technology in education can trace its roots as far back as radio, when students in remote areas without a dedicated school house used to tune in to receive lessons. Since then, records, video cassettes, DVDs and now, the cloud, have been used to deliver education and training. This long history of technology in the classroom has led to a number of adaptations in education, the most recent embodiment being the blended learning movement.

eLearning Video With Personality

eLearning Personality

“I think your elearning courses succeed because they have personality.” This comment was part of a conversation I was having with an L&D peer at a conference recently. I was really happy to hear it. When we were putting our elearning courses together, we thought a lot about how we were going to engage learners in the conversation. We wanted our instructors to seem spontaneous and genuine. After all, we're a presentation and facilitation skills training company. If we were going to do this right, we needed to be able to model the behaviors we were teaching.


Choosing the Best Social Learning Technology for Your Enterprise

social learning network

You’re a business owner or HR professional who wants to encourage your employees to learn from one another. You have an idea of the available tools - Twitter, Wordpress, Diigo - but you’re not quite sure which you should use. You’re stuck on the big question: Which social enterprise learning technology is the best fit?

How Toyota Motor Europe Manages a Large, International eLearning Program

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Here at OpenSesame, we always strive to better understand our customers. As a company with many large, international clients, we are naturally curious as to how other multinational corporations run their internal training. So when we came across Bill Goodwin’s article about Toyota Motor Europe’s elearning upgrades, we wanted to know more. We talked with Joost Segers, Technical Training Manager at Toyota Motor Europe, to get some insight.

Training Grants for Businesses By State

If you’re not currently employed, however, or your industry experiences a sudden shift, access to continued training and education can be difficult. On the employer side, many small to medium-sized businesses simply can’t afford to provide relevant training resources their employees.

Fortunately, the federal government and many states have recognized the value of on-the-job and continued education to keep American companies competitive. The federal government has allocated funds to each state earmarked for workforce development and training, which has resulted in a number of grant and incentive programs available to businesses looking to offer ongoing training.

There's Still Time for Learning in 2013!

Calendar Countdown

Want to squeeze in some learning for your team before the end of the year, but worried you’re out of time? Have no fear! OpenSesame has you covered. There’s still time for learning in 2013.

Use up the rest of 2013’s learning budget to ensure your 2014 budget is secure. No need to fall victim to a “use it or lose it” policy this year; no matter how much you have left to spend, you can find quality training on OpenSesame’s elearning marketplace.

What Microsoft’s Elimination of Employee-Ranking Program Means for eLearning

Microsoft’s controversial employee-ranking program meet its end this week as the company strives to build a more collaborative culture. While this internal move won’t directly impact consumers, the shift illustrates a larger change in corporate culture and the elearning industry towards a more personalized approach.

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