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Winter Work Weather Worries

The polar vortex may have subsided, but the questions and concerns it raised about how to stay safe while working in freezing conditions have not. We’ve covered hot work and staying safe in the heat and are now here to help you keep your cool (pun intended) while doing cold work. OpenSesame offers more than dozen courses to keep you safe no matter what the winter weather throws at you!

Survive the Holidays with eLearning Solutions to Common Problems

Powerstrip Overload!

We’ve officially entered the holiday season, and while that may mean fun times with family and friends, great food, and many shopping trips, it can also spell disaster without the right precautions. Do you really know what you’re doing with string lights, or do you slap them up around the house and yard haphazardly? Is your car ready to go over the river and through the woods (and possibly snow and ice!) to grandmother’s house for Christmas dinner? With these training courses, you’ll be ready to safely take on any challenge the holidays can throw at you!

Restaurant Tips for How to Make Sriracha Safely At Home

Sriracha bottles

The lack of clarity around whether a California Sriracha plant will be shut down is prompting many Sriracha lovers to stock up. With jars beginning to disappear from local stores, you may be contemplating how to make your own Sriracha at home and avoid the issue all together.

Anything, however, that could drive a town to sue simply because of a smell should be handled with caution. Therefore, if you are planning to make your own Sriracha, we've got some safety tips from the restaurant industry to help you avoid having to shut down your kitchen.

Things I Learned In Kindergarten: Fire Prevention

One of my fondest memories from elementary school was our annual emergency preparedness day. Each year, my school would do an all-out drill covering a multitude of potential threats—fire, earthquake (I lived outside of San Francisco) and campus danger. As adults, it is assumed we will know what to do and the drills go away. When was the last time you practiced evacuating a building or thought about the location of the nearest fire extinguisher?


October is National Fire Prevention Month. Are you prepared to deal with a fire emergency? Get the fire safety training you need and review these resources–US Fire Administration, National Fire Protection Association–to ensure you’re able to protect your home and business.
Get the facts about fire with our infographic.

WHMIS Violations Result in Big Fines

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is the standard in Canada for workplace hazard communication and safety. The legislation addresses material safety data sheets, worker education and site-specific training programs. As WHMIS violations often carry a high human cost, the Ministry of Labour takes violations very seriously.

Guide to Updated GHS Standards in Canada, Europe, and the US

The switch from country-specific hazardous materials labeling, standards, and training to the UN GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) can be confusing. What are the deadlines for changes and what can you expect?

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