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One fateful day, at the start of a new job, the CEO of the company was talking to the new hires about the essence of the company, how he started and why he started the company, among other things. Suddenly he asked a simple question that silenced everyone in the room: “Does anyone know the definition of technology?” ... [more]

Education is something that has ubiquitously changed and improved lives and humans since the dawn of humanity. It has constantly been undergoing new developments and changes, and with the rise of the internet, it is changing once again. eLearning; hailed as ‘the new future’ is already sweeping the earth due to its ease, instant availability, and its precision of topics. Many embrace eLearning, while some fear it and do not trust it. Regardless of your stance on eLearning, investing in it could be one of the smartest moves to make. ... [more]

If you are an employer, own a company, or occupy a high position within the labor-force, chances are that you have dealt with OSHA. OSHA has a plethora of requirements and regulations designed to make the workplace a safer place. But it’s very unlikely that you are aware of every single rule and regulation that is necessary in your particular industry. ... [more]

With constant bombardment from various distracting things like games, social networking, people, unhealthy food, and the internet, it’s hard to focus on a project or assignment for a long period of time. Even without distractions, attention spans and focused powers can only last so long before wanting to do other tasks. Due to this, some individuals think they are only able to focus by drinking coffee and energy drinks, or by ingesting supplements full of harmful chemicals. Fortunately, you can stay on-task all day using easy and natural methods. Drop the drinks and pills: here are the 5 simple hacks to staying focused and on-task. ... [more]

As an employer, you want the most efficient, engaged, and happy employees in your workplace. When it comes to using new technology like eLearning courses, it is easy to make beginner’s mistakes that frustrate your employees and detriment the entire company. ... [more]

Instructor led training is costly and time consuming in today’s day and age. Not only are subject matter experts a financial burden to training departments, they take too much time to teach new employees the skills, rules and habits they need to develop in order to succeed in their roles. “Showing the ropes” is now a term of the past. With the advancement of technology, the demands for speed, efficiency and quick results become even more important for training departments. ... [more]