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Goal-setting is often the key to success and productivity but sometimes it’s hard to tell when goals are realistic and reachable, both for a company and individuals. Setting goals and objectives that are unrealistic, too vague, or for teams that are unable to work together is a waste of time and can actually hurt morale. Want to figure out how to set goals that are reachable and reasonable? Make them SMART. ... [more]

Are you blending your teaching methods in a logical and dynamic way to reach the different types of learners in your company? Those who learn best by listening, reading, watching, or through visual cues need to be able to understand the knowledge you’re trying to impart. Read why utilizing visuals in elearning can help ensure that what you’re trying to teach isn’t just heard or seen, its understood. ... [more]

Job titles are important, and especially to the person wearing (or applying for) the title. And this is exactly why it's critical for hiring managers to consider the position's needs and the type of person they want to hire. There are two players in the job search: the job seekers and the companies recruiting. If you haven't clearly defined the type of person you want to find your post and apply, you probably won’t be able to reach them. ... [more]

Feedback is a response to someone’s behavior or work that can be formal or informal. It can come from an employee review or the need to address an issue. Positive feedback is always welcomed, but often times negative feedback is incredibly difficult for both the person who has to give it and the one who has to accept it. ... [more]

How do we learn? Who do we learn from? As humans, the easiest way for us to learn is from experience, and the more practical way for us to learn is from each other. Luckily social media has made it easier than ever for us to communicate and teach each other with ease. ... [more]

We live in a world of limited resources, and the most limited of resources is time. Easily wasted and impossible to get back, time is the only resource required for every aspect of your life. February is Time Management Month, so we’re doing a lot of thinking about we manage our time! ... [more]

If you’re in a position of power, it’s likely the dreaded day will come where you have to fire someone. It is one of the most difficult leadership responsibilities, but it has to be done. The act of firing someone is hard enough, but how do you know when it's time? How do you know when Joe Schmoe has got to go? ... [more]

Have you ever played a video game and found yourself running into the same obstacle over and over again and struggling to overcome it? Maybe you were playing a shoot-em-up game and you always die in the same dark spot. Or maybe Tetris kicks your butt once it gets into high speed without fail. On the other hand there might be a puzzle you can beat in record time every single time you play. ... [more]

If you’re a designer, marketer, visual communications employee, or work any type of creative job Adobe Photoshop skills are a must. Sometimes these apparently specialized skills come in handy at the most unexpected times. That is, those of you out there working in leadership, support, sales, development, and maybe even accounting (I admit this one is a stretch, but you never know) may someday be called on to utilize the visual prowess of Photoshop. ... [more]

There is something every web-based business, blog, and website is learning to live by: Google Analytics. If you don’t already know why you need web analytics, what Google Adwords offers, or have access to the information Google Analytics offers, you are already behind. Not having access to these tools is a little bit like shooting in the dark— every once in a while getting a flash of insight to whether or not you were hitting the target. ... [more]