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Whether we like it or not, stress is a part of our daily lives. From work and school to family and bills, everywhere we turn there seem to be stress-inducing subjects. Even things we love can cause us stress; for me personally, despite the fact that I love school and all my classes, the words “midterm” and “final” can cause me minor heart attacks. ... [more]

The 24th of February may seem like just another day on the calendar, but it is also known as World Bartender Day! World Bartender Day is a day meant to recognize the hard work, patience, and great service bartenders provide to us. It isn’t a job for the faint of heart or the short of temper. In honor of this day, OpenSesame is highlighting a few of our bartending-related courses for you! ... [more]

The last fifty years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women in the workforce and the acceptance of women choosing to have careers in exchange for or in addition to raising a family. Because tech is a front-runner in many fields, you’d think the tech industry would be following this trend and hiring more female workers, but unfortunately this is not yet the case. Instead, the male-dominated industry tends to limit (whether intentionally or not) the number of positions available to women, which overall limits growth and leaves out a valuable demographic. For the tech industry to continue to dominate, it needs to take advantage of its female resources. This infographic gives some background on women in the tech industry and how women workers can benefit the field. While some of the stats are disappointing, there is also growth in the right direction. ... [more]

Writing is an essential skill we use every day, but it is also one that is oftentimes overlooked and forgotten about. Strong writing abilities can help you get your point across in an email, make an application stand out from the rest, and maybe even help you to write the next best-selling novel. Many times, we don’t notice when someone is an eloquent writer and instead only notice when they aren’t. Although your school days may be behind you, writing is an essential skill, and it never hurts to touch up on a few tips and tricks. ... [more]

Corporate training videos serve a very distinct purpose—they convey crucial information to employees in order to help keep them safe and help them understand what they are doing. Just because a training video has an important purpose though does not mean it has to be bland and boring for the users. In fact, if you want your corporate training video to be a success and have a high knowledge retention rate, making your video enjoyable for the user will result in a more memorable learning experience. So how do you know what to avoid in order to have a successful corporate training video? ... [more]

Pinterest, one of the newer social media networks, has been hugely successful with its users. Rated as 2014’s number one social network in customer satisfaction, Pinterest is quickly becoming the social media site. But before Pinterest can get there, it needs to overcome a few obstacles, such as the impression that Pinterest is all about online scrapbooking and that you can’t be productive. ... [more]

In the technology world, it seems like every week brings with it a new tech craze. And while some fizzle and die, others—like wearable technology— are making a name for themselves and becoming increasingly popular. Some people are even estimating these so called “wearables” will take off and become as big as smart phones. But for those of you who are still confused or unsure about this new technology and what it can do, read on! ... [more]

With all the hype around digital learning, the terms ‘elearning’ and ‘mlearning’ are being used more and more. But many people do not know what differentiates the two and are instead using them interchangeably. So, what is the difference between elearning and mlearning? Besides the obvious letter change, there’s actually not much differentiating the two terms. Let’s start with the obvious and explain what the ‘e’ and the ‘m’ mean. eLearning stands for electronic learning, whereas mlearning stands for mobile learning. Mobile is electronic media, so doesn’t that mean mlearning is the same as elearning? That is somewhat correct, but just because elearning and mlearning are both forms of digital learning does not mean they play the same role. ... [more]

After three years in the Portland State Business Accelerator, OpenSesame has a new office to call home! Our new 4,600 square foot office is located in Old Town, which is exactly what Josh Blank, OpenSesame’s vice president and co-founder, was looking for. “We wanted to be located in a vibrant part of the city,” he noted, with plenty of amenities within walking distance and easy biking and public transit access. He also added that we were looking for a place that could accommodate our expected growth for the next couple of years. ... [more]

Have you ever needed to create a budget, understand the stock market and how to invest, be able to read a financial statement, or understand any number of other topics related to personal finances? You are not alone. Taking control of your personal finances and understanding how to be “money wise” is a great aspiration, but many people do not know quite where to start. OpenSesame offers numerous finance courses which can help you become Fluent in Finance by understanding different aspects of finance and enable you to better manage your economic lifestyle. ... [more]