Happy Halloween from OpenSesame! And the Winners Are...

Double, double toil and trouble;
fire burn and dry ice bubble.
Witches’ brew is sweet;
but can be a dangerous treat.


In addition to Halloween being a great opportunity to express your creativity, we think it’s the perfect time for experiential learning. For our potluck, we made a nice batch of Witches’ Brew (also known as fruit punch and 7UP) - it quickly became a lesson in safely handling dry ice. check out our video. From now on, we’ll leave the dry ice to those who have proper laboratory safety training.

In case you couldn’t tell from our office decorations, our whole team takes Halloween very seriously. So when we announced the costume contest, we knew the competition would be tough. And while it was hard to pick winners, here they are:

Carl (or should we say Churl), our Content Specialist, won Scariest costume for his unintentionally scary mask of himself.

Katie, our Marketing Manager, won Most Original costume for her (handmade!) take on Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Alex, our Community Manager, won Most Funny costume for her version of the Internet meme Chompy. (We were in stitches when she put on her costume!)

Check out all our office Halloween costumes.

And speaking of competitions, thanks to everyone who voted in our office decoration contest! We decided to open voting to our office, and our Content and Sales team won with their spooky spider decorations

How did you celebrating Halloween in your office? Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #SpookyStartup or leave us a comment below.

Happy Halloween!