Learning Resolutions: The Challenges of Bridging The Gap

I’m tempted to say that I’m going to give up trying to understand the entire elearning world – only because it is an impossible task! As a company that has been focused on face to face training for 15 years, 2012 saw our first meaningful foray into the world of elearning, with our Mind Mapping Mastery course. We learned an enormous amount about developing elearning courses and also learned that the marketplace is... fragmented. In fact, the whole training market is fragmented with few barriers to entry, few meaningful quality controls and an enormous range of contributors and price structures. All of these considerations apply in the elearning world but with the added variables of technology – development platforms, the growth of mlearning, different LMS’s – and so on.

So I’ve decided to give up trying to understand or form a firm view on all of it and do what makes sense for us and our clients. We have a new course out in early 2013, written in Articulate Storyline and it will be based on what we know works in face to face environment, thoughtfully (hopefully!) translated into an elearning format. It will be easy to use and enjoyable to develop, but above all, the emphasis is going to be purely on skill building – maximising the learner’s ability to use the skills after completing the course. I’m going to do my best to remember that that is where the focus should be; everything else is a means to an end.

Teaching skills via elearning is much more challenging than teaching knowledge – and more satisfying, too – at least for me. I fully intend to embrace that challenge in 2013 and build a suite of high impact courses that mirrors and complements our face to face offering.