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Rather than take the questioning personally, as a manager you should try to explore the questioning further to get to the root of the issue. Until Amazon starts advertising for crystal balls, follow these 3 strategies to differentiate between the lazy and the critical thinkers. ... [more]

At certain points throughout the year, there will be distractions out of your control. Whether it be construction, an office celebration, or really anything with loud noises, sometimes you need to get work done, but your regular routine just isn’t cutting it. ... [more]

Whether in the typical hands-on approach or in a virtual elearning scenario, role playing is one of the most popular training techniques. Roleplaying is a fantastic method to train employees in hands-on scenarios. The point of role playing is to put the participant into a scenario he or she isn’t completely familiar with and hopefully through trial and error, he or she can discover the proper way to fix the problem, rather than failing in a real world scenario. ... [more]

Disagreeing with your boss can be an intimidating part of your work, but there is a way to approach the problem without your disagreement ending in you getting fired. Regardless of the issue at hand, follow these general rules to steer clear of the unemployment office and improve your working relationship with your boss. Approach Privately The last thing you or your boss wants is an argument in front of a crowd. ... [more]

Regardless of the size and industry of a company, customer happiness is key to company survival. Most companies have specific departments or positions, often called Customer Success Managers, to deal with this issue. While there are countless attributes this position could use, we’ve narrowed it down to four. ... [more]