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The way in which learning occurs in organizations has changed tremendously and with this evolution comes a new focus for Learning & Development professionals. In many organizations the role of the training professional has transformed; no longer focused on delivering training, today’s L&D professional is now a facilitator of learning who also serves as an information manager, a content curator, and a builder of learning communities. ... [more]

Just as with any new initiative or change in the workplace, creating buy-in and excitement among learners is often one of the first objectives when launching a strategic training program. Aligning the objectives to desired outcomes and clearly communicating using the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”) model allows HR and L&D professionals to speak directly to the learners by turning abstract concepts into real-life situations. ... [more]

Peruse most any business publication or take a look at survey data of industry executives and you’ll see that senior leaders cite innovation, agility, and adeptness at change management to be of paramount importance as their organizations seek a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced economy. Of course the ability to innovate or navigate change doesn’t happen through osmosis or merely because it’s desired; it requires embedding the appropriate values and behaviors within the cultural DNA of the organization. ... [more]