These Are the Top 5 Skills Employers Want and This is Exactly How to Train for Them

Each year the Bloomberg Job Skills Report sheds some light on the skills that recruiters most desire from job applicants. In 2016, the report surveyed 1,251 recruiters from 547 companies and recorded the skills that respondents said were “most important” in various industries.

While each industry’s recruiters reported unique skill rankings, the top five most important skills were largely agreed upon across the board. So what are the five most sought after skills for the industries surveyed? First on the list is communication, followed by analytical thinking, ability to work collaboratively, strategic thinking, and leadership. Few applicants possess all of these traits, but fortunately a multitude of courses exist to help job seekers train for the skills employers are looking for.

Whether you’re a job seeker looking to increase your own marketability or a manager looking to improve the productivity of your team, here’s a list of courses you can use to train for all of the top five skills employers desire:


  1. Communication Skills: “Business Communication Fundamentals” - LearnSmart

LearnSmart’s “Business Communication Fundamentals” course provides a great foundation for successful communication in professional settings. The course covers both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques and outlines effective communication strategies in a variety of unique situations. From meetings, to memos, to business presentations, after taking this course you’ll be a pro at communicating your ideas confidently and effectively at work.


  1. Analytical Thinking: “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving” - Enspark

This course will help you identify, diagnose, and evaluate problems in order to improve your analytical thinking ability. Determine appropriate problem solving strategies for different types of problems and learn to think critically when arriving at solutions.


  1. Work Collaboratively: “Communicating Collaboratively” - MindEdge

Employers and recruiters know that the ability to collaborate is crucial for team success. MindEdge’s course, “Communicating Collaboratively,” teaches viewers to collaborate effectively in small and large groups. After taking this course you will understand the characteristics of open communication and teamwork. You will also be familiar with conflict resolution tactics and decision making strategies.


  1. Strategic Thinking: “Strategic Planning” - The Inside Coach

Learn the purpose of a strategic plan and the characteristics that compose a successful strategy. This course will help you implement strategic thinking in every aspect of your life and to measure the effectiveness of strategic plans.


  1. Leadership Skills: “Individual Leadership Power” - Vubiz

Leadership is an invaluable skill for people at every job level, from summer intern to CEO. “Individual Leadership Power,” by Vubiz, teaches viewers to set leadership goals, motivate others, and develop their personal leadership power. Most leaders are made rather than born, so whether or not you feel like a natural leader, take this course to unlock your true leadership potential.

Remember, any one of the skills employers most desire is just a training course away. No matter what industry you’re a part of, take these five courses and you’ll be any recruiter’s dream candidate.