Tuning in on SuperBowl Sunday? Watch for these Marketing Trends!

Whether you’re the Seahawks’ 12th Man or you’re cheering on the Patriots to take home the win on Sunday, it’s likely you’re not just tuning in to watch football. The commercials that air during the Super Bowl have become just as much a reason to watch the big game as the teams playing. In fact, of the 111.5 million people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, more than half were just watching the game for the ads. In addition to the commercials, brands are trying to capture audience attention online, both before the game by releasing teasers of their ads and after through marketing campaigns that align with their Super Bowl ad. We’ve gathered the three big digital marketing trends that will appear Sunday!

Real Time Marketing

Who could forget the great power outage of 2013 during Super Bowl 47? While the power outage was a bummer for the players, it was a great opportunity for brands to interact with their customers via social media. The brands that reacted quickly were able to “newsjack” the outage and showcase their personality. It especially worked well for companies that weren’t directly involved in the big game (remember Oreo?). Even when the lights don’t go out, brands can use this national event to interact with their fans. On Sunday, brands will likely send marketing messages in real time to align with the events of the game.

Social Media

Hand-in-hand with real time marketing is the use of social media. Most brands are moving beyond simply asking their customers to Like or Follow their accounts. Instead, they’re hoping to get them to engage in a conversation. Last year, 57% of Super Bowl ads included hashtags. (That’s up from 50% in 2013.) This year, the hashtag will likely again be the call-to-action in commercials.


Digital marketers looking to tap into the Super Bowl’s audience will be paying attention to mobile. It’s anticipated that nearly half of the traffic to Super Bowl advertiser’ sites on game day will com from mobile devices. Additionally, the mobile audience is becoming increasingly valuable to advertisers as consumers become increasingly comfortable paying for things with digital-wallet technology. In fact, 47% of consumers have users have used digital-wallet technology. This Sunday, marketers will likely take extra care to make their sites accessible from mobile devices.

Let us know what you think of these Super Bowl digital marketing trends! Is there something we missed? (Or let us know if your only plan for Sunday watching is the Puppy Bowl.)