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If you’re familiar with game jams, then you know what an all out marathon they can be. If you’re not, here’s the gist: you stay up for a whole weekend planning, programming, and coding a brand new game. Oh, and you try to find time to eat and sleep (a little). Basically, game jams are the intense way to generate new ideas for new content and new programs as fast as possible. So how does this connect to elearning? Well, they’re called training jams, and they’re game jams with an elearning twist. ... [more]

It’s true, Millennials are entering the workforce in droves and often leaving employers scratching their heads as to the best way to handle these digital natives. No longer is the business world dominated by traditional thinking when it comes to hours, work habits, or even employee training. With Millennials at the helm, the professional world is bound to change, and when it comes to corporate learning initiatives, elearning is the key. ... [more]

Let’s face it: the market for gamification is poised for a breakthrough, and soon. With the rise of gaming technology like VR and the growth of gaming-crazy Millennials in the workplace, it’s impossible to prevent the integration of gaming and elearning content. Although there is already much research and development underway, here is a great look at some of the HUGE potential the elearning industry represents to the gaming world. Statistics courtesy of Big Fish Games and eLearning Industry.   ... [more]

In the digital age, there is no shortage of new technology to ogle over as we pass through stores, buyer catalogs, and YouTube videos. It seems like every day a new preview comes out featuring some sort of technology that seems like it has all the right tools to change the way we think about innovation in everyday life. And then it doesn’t. So, we move on, and so does the tech industry, furiously innovating as it pursues the magic formula for the latest and greatest life-changing apps, gadgets, and other products. ... [more]