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We’ve been off to a great start in 2015! There have been lots of exciting changes in our marketplace over the past month or so as we’ve rolled out a website redesign…if you haven’t already experienced them first hand on www.opensesame.com, you can do so now or read on for an overview of some of the new features. ... [more]

It seems like just yesterday we were making big plans to launch OpenSesame Plus (our newest subscription based licensing model) and, in the blink of an eye, here we are 12 months later! Before we take a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2015, let’s take a quick look back at some of the OpenSesame Dev Team’s noteworthy items from 2014. ... [more]

We are very excited and proud to welcome Austin, Chase, and Corey to the team! They are the latest crew to join our OpenSesame Engineering Intern Program. They will spend the next 3 months embedded with our team. As our strongest and most advanced intern class yet, they will have countless opportunities to provide value to the company and help grow our product. While they bring us great value, we (the engineering team in particular) will strive to do so in return by helping advance their skills & experience, offering mentorships, and strengthening each intern’s portfolio of work. ... [more]

Quarter 3 is flying by for us! We had a beautiful summer in Portland and are enjoying our last few sunny weeks. Last month we said farewell to our summer interns and we welcomed our next class of fall development interns to the team (keep an eye out for a blog from them coming soon!). When we weren’t busy soaking up Vitamin D, we also added some useful new tools to OpenSesame to improve the customer experience. ... [more]

We’ve been working on some great new resources to help support you in running your training program. OpenSesame Plus: Report Downloads From the OpenSesame Plus subscription manage page or course specific manage pages, we have added the ability to download CSV reports of your “Track Users” data. This allows for easy exporting and analysis of your training records within Excel, or the spreadsheet tool of your choice. The report downloads include: At the OpenSesame Plus subscription level, we provide overview data such as the date the user was added, how many courses completions they have, what level of access they are permitted (Course Specific vs. All of OpenSesame Plus). At the course specific level, we provide course level details including their course status, when they were enrolled, when they completed, their score, and a link to their completion certificate. ... [more]

April is here, which means Spring has arrived in Portland, bringing with a little sunshine, lots of tulips, and some great new features for our customers. OpenSesame Plus in NOW available! OpenSesame Plus is our new subscription based model for purchasing OpenSesame courses (similar to Netflix, but for your training needs). For one low monthly price, OpenSesame Plus subscribers receive unlimited access to a curated offering of courses from many of our top providers. Courses cover topics on business skills, compliance, technology, and more. ... [more]

Dev Feature Highlight

Quarter 1 is moving along quickly for the OpenSesame Development Team. We are making great progress on our OpenSesame Plus functionality, we have welcomed a new member to our team, and we have released some new capabilities available for folks interested in the Tin Can API. ... [more]

Dev Feature Highlight

Hello! I'm Abby Miles, the new Product Manager for OpenSesame. With nearly a decade of experience in the training and software industry, I am really excited to join the OpenSesame team. ... [more]