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As OpenSesame’s Community Manager, I’m very excited to announce that OpenSesame has been selected as one the the Top 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon for 2015 by Oregon Business magazine! We’ve worked hard since our founding in 2011 to build a strong company culture and are so proud to be recognized for our efforts. ... [more]

Hi, I'm Alex! I am the Community Coordinator at OpenSesame. In my current position at OpenSesame, I head the Customer Support Team, providing round-the-clock support via social media channels, phone, live chat, email, and case management tools. Most clients know me on a first-name basis, and I strive to give care and attention-to-detail to every person on our site. ... [more]

Alex and Family

This weeks Course of the Week Excel 2007 in Spanish comes to us from SeAprende.com. SeAprende's courses are both engaging and fun- or as they like to refer to them as Edutainment! What is Edutainment? Education + Entertainment = Edutainment! ... [more]

Learn to write action-oriented messages and avoid the costly back-and-forth correspondence that commonly occurs from unclear emails. In business, employees rely on information to make decisions that affect all levels of operations within their organizations. When written communication is poorly organized and unclear, rates of error and interdependence increase and unnecessary challenges surface. ... [more]

It’s still really early for mobile learning. Many workers do own smartphones, but there are still plenty of employees who are less tech savvy and struggle with mobile technology. While mobile learning is in its infancy, there is no shortage of great mobile applications out there that we can learn from. Like many in the learning and development world, I’m always looking for inspiration in day to day life. ... [more]

Are you a buyer or seller with questions? Not sure where to turn?  While we are always available to help by contacting support@opensesame.com, on Live Chat during regular business hours-or by calling 503-808-1268, we understand that sometimes you need a quick and easy answer. Which is why we compiled a list of some of our most commonly asked  buyers’ and sellers' questions on OpenSesame.  Commonly Asked Buyer Questions: How long do I have access to a course? You have 12 months to launch the course and 12 months to finish it. ... [more]

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