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The 2016 summer learning playlist is finally here! Summer is a great time to start those projects and plans that you’ve been meaning to start but have put off all year. It is also a perfect time to try and/or learn something new and different. Today I want to offer you a playlist of elearning courses that could help you feel productive this summer and give you some fresh new knowledge. Each course was handpicked based on quality, easiness to understand, and usefulness. ... [more]

There is a new game sweeping the nation and it’s extremely hard to miss. If you haven’t seen the headlines, news reports or checked any form of social media lately, there is still an extremely good chance you have been exposed to this game. Next time you are out and about, I urge you to stop for just a moment to look at all the people around you. It won’t take more than a few minutes to understand that this game is seriously taking over. Everywhere you go you can see people of all ages marching up and down the streets with smartphone in hand, only pausing when they’ve spotted a wild creature ready for capture. The game I am describing is called Pokemon GO, and with over 7.5 million downloads in the first three days, it is a clear representation of the future of gaming. However, what if this game means just as much for learning as it does for gaming? ... [more]