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At OpenSesame, we’ve been working to make enterprise elearning easier. Since the early days of our company, we’ve sought to overcome the challenges of traditional learning programs while saving companies 40-50% throughout the process. For many training managers, sourcing content from multiple places while getting locked into lengthy contracts was a challenging reality. As budgets become tighter and training managers are expected to do more, we aim to provide a fresh approach to learning because we know that learning doesn’t always happen at a desk. ... [more]

  "Inventory is waste." That’s the well-known slogan of the just in time inventory control model, but it doesn’t just apply to widgets or office supplies. An unused inventory of elearning courses is just as wasteful. Many companies get their elearning in bulk: Enticed or forced to sign long-term contracts or purchase big subscriptions, they spend money upfront without an accurate picture of how much of their learning budget goes to waste.   For example, one of our customers purchased 50 courses for 2,500 employees at an annual cost of $125,000. ... [more]

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