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Every week OpenSesame interns and employees come together to discuss Seth Godin’s Linchpin. This week we discussed the chapters, “Is it Possible to Do Hard Work in a Cubicle?” and “The Resistance.” Our discussion centered around how fear, reassurance, and expectations can hold us back. ... [more]

Linchpin Cover

Though the idea of a corporate office is not the most pleasant, there are a few companies opposing the norm. There are a number of innovative workspaces across the globe that showcase playful office decor. This article highlights a few of these innovative workspaces. ... [more]

Urban Outfitters

As football season begins to ramp up, an estimated 24.3 million Americans will be dedicating time to maintaining their fantasy teams, many during business hours. Surveys have shown fantasy players spend an average of one hour updating their lineups during the workday, which can equate to around $6.5 billion in wages paid by employers to play fantasy sports. Before you bring down the hammer on employee fantasy time, take a look at our post on why fantasy sports can be good for business. ... [more]

Diversity in the workplace involves more than just race. Education, religious views, and age represent some of the many facets of diversity. Implementing a diversity initiative in your office can help your employees respect the different backgrounds and experiences each individual brings to the workplace--otherwise known as cultural competence. ... [more]

If you are looking to expand your network, Twitter is a great place to start. For this week's Productivity Wednesday, we've compiled a list of the top 50 Human Resources Twitter influences so that you can keep up to date on the latest news and trends within the field of HR. These influencers were chosen by a combination of factors, relevance to the field, number of followers, and engagement with other Twitter users. ... [more]

Instagram recently equipped its users with the ability to share 15-second video clips on its photo sharing platform. This launch made many wonder about the fate of the app Vine, which became available to Android users on in early June. We've gathered the strengths and weaknesses of each app to help in your decision...Vine or Instagram? ... [more]