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Technology has exponentially increased the number of avenues one can use in their personal career growth—including access to online professional development courses. And with the availability of data regarding utilization, it is even easier to determine the most in-demand skills. If you are looking to create a personal career plan, consider adding these top 25 professional development courses to your learning goals. ... [more]

Learning comes in many forms, not all of which occur in a classroom. Each time you move outside of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world.  Each year we list our top tools for learning to try in the new year. The goal of this list is not only to make your life easier, but to challenge you to explore different ways of learning. Take an adventure, try a new book, or meet new folks with whom you can share your knowledge. ... [more]

Doesn’t this time of year seem to move faster than other months? One minute you’re handing out candy to costumed kids in your neighborhood and the next you’re ringing in the new year. In the meantime, you’re adding more things to your “To Do” list then subtracting. With less than 30 working days left before the new year, quick and simple solutions are even more valuable to helping you keep that “To Do” list manageable. And if those solutions ensure your training budget remains intact for the new year, all the better! ... [more]

Over the past year, OpenSesame has developed a number of ebooks that tackle the common barriers of implementing an elearning initiative, as well as provide step-by-step guidance on how to launch such a program. In anticipation of 2015 planning, we combined these ebooks into a single resource—the eLearning Success Toolkit. The toolkit guides you through building an elearning program from start to finish, significantly reducing the planning time required. ... [more]

Remember when being “computer literate” was as simple as knowing how to send an email or download an app? Now, understanding how to protect yourself online and your company online has become a crucial part of computer literacy—but learning these skills doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. ... [more]

Customer service has always been a critical part of business. Yet with the rise of social media, where consumers can comment on and interact with companies in real-time, expectations have changed dramatically. Companies now are expected to support customer service inquiries over Twitter, Facebook and live-chat, in addition to email and phone. And as it becomes easier to track down individual employees from companies via sites like LinkedIn, each and every one of your employees are now on the front lines of customer service. ... [more]

Later this month, people will don scary costumes, visit haunted houses and decorate their homes with spooky symbols in celebration of Halloween—all with the good intent of giving friends and family a little fright. There is something much more frightful, however, being discussed this month—the growing threat of cyber attacks. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month and was designed to encourage companies and individuals alike to consider their own practices on the Internet and how to prevent incidents. ... [more]

One of the most common frustrations we hear from prospective customers is a lack of interest from employees in training and development programs. Often employees show high initial engagement, but either lose interest or forget about the opportunity without continued exposure. ... [more]

If you are a pirate enthusiast, like myself, Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD) can be agony at the office. You may fear judgement from colleagues regarding your eye patch, or perhaps are concerned about offending your subordinates when referring to them as "bilge rats." Don't despair me hearties! I've got a series of tips on how to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow while maintaining professionalism in the office environment. Know Your History International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated each year on September 19, originated in Albany, Oregon in 1995. ... [more]