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We are living in a time of a learning revolution. Self-paced learning has become a dominant form of corporate instruction, as more Global 2000 companies incorporate elearning into their training curriculum each year. e-Learning’s flexibility, accessibility, and personalization is changing traditional training. However, there is a major obstacle to e-learning’s emergence. That obstacle is motivation. Employees need to be fully invested in their elearning courses in order to reap the benefits. ... [more]

A leader in economic growth, producer of products used around the globe, and possessor of an immense global workforce. No, this country is not the consumer-product patriarch, China; it’s China’s smaller yet mighty neighbor, India. India, which has the second largest population in the world, has seen exponential growth in almost every sector of its economy in the last ten years. According to the World Bank, the ever-expanding country is globally ranked in the top 10% of countries in terms of economic development. But it’s not just India’s consumer product market that is thriving. ... [more]

What’s the one electronic device you take everywhere you go? Whether you’re at work, at the grocery store, or at home, mobile devices and tablets seem to never leave your sight. They have become an essential part of both our personal and professional lives. And now, mobile devices are emerging as leading tool for elearning. ... [more]