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Each week, OpenSesame employees and interns come together as a company to read Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Godin describes a linchpin as “the essential element, the person who holds part of the operation together. Without the linchpin, things fall apart.” In our second week of Linchpin, we discussed “Chapter 4: Indoctrination-- How we got here” and “Chapter 5: Becoming The Linchpin.” ... [more]

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It's no secret elearning courses are the future of corporate training. With the increased flexibility and richer user experience, more and more organizations are turning to online training as a way to expand and enhance their respective employee development programs. However, online training courses are only part of the equation. To really maximize an elearning program, businesses should consider investing in a learning management system (LMS). Learning management systems provide a platform for administering, tracking, reporting and deliverin elearning content. ... [more]

Being a small business or a startup, it is challenging to provide a productive and stress-free work environment for your employees. For this week’s Productivity Wednesday, we have some simple tips to organize and conduct a technology detox hour at work. Hosting a digital detox hour will give you an opportunity to connect with fellow employees, and ultimately increase productivity work. ... [more]

Today, the trick to acing an interview is knowing how to present yourself--not just in person but across video and phone as well. Skype, and other video conferencing software, is changing how the interview process is being conducted---but we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you shine at your next video interview. ... [more]