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Whether you’re the Seahawks’ 12th Man or you’re cheering on the Patriots to take home the win on Sunday, it’s likely you’re not just tuning in to watch football. The commercials that air during the Super Bowl have become just as much a reason to watch the big game as the teams playing. In fact, of the 111.5 million people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, more than half were just watching the game for the ads. ... [more]

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to social media, visual content might be worth even more. Research consistently shows posts to social networks are more effective when images are included. For example, photos on Facebook receive more likes, comments, and shares than text, videos, and links. On Twitter, tweets with images average twice the engagement rate as tweets without images, and links with embedded photos perform 29% better than tweets with text and links. ... [more]

I’m sure very few of us would disagree with the statement this is the busiest time of the year. It’s also a time to find a balance between holiday fun and thoughtful reflection on the past and upcoming year. As with all things at OpenSesame, we’ve found a way to balance working hard and having fun. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this Holiday Season. ... [more]

Once just a holiday to reflect on the things we are thankful for, Thanksgiving has increasingly become a time to acquire more to be thankful for with the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals. It has also become an opportunity for brands to share their company culture with their customers. This year, several notable retailers have declared that they will not be open on Thanksgiving so their employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. When it comes to Thanksgiving at OpenSesame, we’re trying to preserve the spirit of the holiday. ... [more]

Often when we encounter learners who are having trouble accessing our courses, it is as a result of Internet browser issues. And the truth of the matter is some browsers are just better, and present fewer problems, than others. (But, no matter the source of any issue, our Support Team is here and ready to troubleshoot.) ... [more]

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and dry ice bubble. Witches’ brew is sweet; but can be a dangerous treat.   In addition to Halloween being a great opportunity to express your creativity, we think it’s the perfect time for experiential learning. For our potluck, we made a nice batch of Witches’ Brew (also known as fruit punch and 7UP) - it quickly became a lesson in safely handling dry ice. ... [more]

Though many consider Halloween to be a holiday strictly reserved for children, we here at OpenSesame take a different view. Halloween is really about creativity—showing off your DIY skills, creating costumes around clever puns, or even just throwing something together out of items at the bottom of your closet—and creativity is a key component of learning. Encouraging creativity in your office not only boosts morale, it provides insight into your employees' personalities and ability to improvise (No fake spiderwebs left at the dollar store? ... [more]

Hey! I’m Sarah Nanbu, the Community Coordinator here at OpenSesame. “What exactly is a Community Coordinator?,” you ask. Well, the role is part customer support and part social media coordination (and all awesome, in my opinion). ... [more]