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After an eventful 2016, we’re looking forward to an even better 2017. Things move quickly in learning and development, as well as elearning. However, one of the best ways you can stay up to date with the latest industry information is by attending elearning conferences. As an extra bonus, if you’re planning on attending a conference, chances are it’s going to be in fabulous Las Vegas or sunny Florida this year! ... [more]

In 2014 alone, the USDA reported that approximately $161.6 billion of food was wasted in the United States. This amount equates to about 133 billion pounds of food. If you’re in the hospitality and food service business, food waste and unsustainable practices can be very costly. Utilizing sustainable processes can not only reduce your amount of waste, but can also save your company money. ... [more]

Mustering up the ability to ask a question, although daunting at times, can reap surprising benefits. The famous book on gender inequality in the workplace, Women Don’t Ask, revealed people who do negotiate average a 7% increase in salaries alone. If you never ask, you’ll never truly know what the limitations of your situation are. Also, it’s important to advocate for yourself and for others. Learning how to do so earlier rather than later will only help later down the road and will give you better insight on future negotiating power. ... [more]

The world is filled with a host of positive and negative stereotypes. Most of us are familiar with various stereotypes and have even stereotyped ourselves. However, more recent social science studies have proven that stereotypes can materialize to the point where they can actually hinder the daily lives of employees. Stereotype threat, though hard to identify at times, is active and alive in many workplace settings whether we know it or not. Read below to learn more about how stereotype threat can affect your business. ... [more]

According to a 2014 Gallup study on employee engagement, only 31.5% of American workers are engaged at work. This means that the vast majority of the American workforce is neither enthusiastic about work nor committed to the workplace. Despite controversy surrounding Gallup’s annual reports, understanding and increasing employee engagement is imperative as engagement is closely tied to motivation and involvement. ... [more]

Conflict is almost inevitable. Just as conflict can manifest itself in varying degrees, there are many different reactions to conflict as well. Some will attempt to avoid conflict entirely while others are notorious for initiating it. At work, conflict can be extremely detrimental to morale, productivity, and employee relationships. It’s not always easy to address conflict directly, but there are preventative measures and best practices one can take to manage workplace conflict ... [more]

Although business schools throughout the country aim to educate students about technical skills ranging from financial analysis to market research, many times soft skills such as emotional intelligence go underrated. Most importantly, soft skills are oftentimes what keep employees happy at work. Gallup’s most recent 2015 study found that most adults who were surveyed quit their jobs because of a bad boss. ... [more]

Meeting with clients, visiting headquarters, looking at property, and getting together with teams are oftentimes ubiquitous travel trips all too familiar in the business world. Whether you’re a bonafide jetsetter or just heading out on a business trip for the first time, here are a few helpful tips: ... [more]

If you work in sales or customer service, you’re probably no stranger to the occasional and classic angry caller. While unpleasant and sometimes unreasonable, navigating a hostile conversation to calmer waters can be difficult. However, in the world of business it can take years to build a relationship with a client or customer and only minutes to destroy it. Studies have shown that people who encounter negative experiences will tell an average of 16 people about the situation. ... [more]

According to this year’s 2015 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Report, LinkedIn is not only the most used form of social media for B2B marketing but is also rated as the most effective social media platform. In an age of social media overload, it is easy to get lost in the mix so we’ve put together 5 quick tips to make your business stand out on LinkedIn: ... [more]