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OpenSesame is the single largest source for online training courses. With more than 20,000 online training courses from 300+ different sellers, we make it easy for companies to find great online training courses to use with their employees. We are proud to announce our innovative Pay-Per-Use Membership Program that allows companies pay for just the online training they actually use. With the memberhsip program, it doesn’t matter if you want to use 10 courses or hundreds - you can add them all to your curriculum, and we’ll only bill you for the courses your employees actually use. ... [more]

Today we are proud to share big news from OpenSesame HQ: We have raised $2 million in funding to accelerate OpenSesame’s development (for full details, read the press release). While it’s great news, this funding announcement isn’t our OpenSesame success story. Our success will be measured by creating products that customers love - because they solve our customers’ problems and save them time and money. ... [more]

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