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20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills

  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills
  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills
  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills
  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills
  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills
  • 20 Courses for $20: Leadership Success Skills

Course Objectives

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OpenSesame Description

SkillBuilder and OpenSesame have partnered up to bring you 20 courses that will improve leadership skills. 

These Leadership Success courses will empower you to become a better leader in the workplace and in life. You will develop the key leadership fundamentals required for professional success. You will also learn effective communication techniques, team leader skills, and how to motivate employees for improved productivity. Become a self-guided leader that improves training results and eliminates costly leadership errors. 

These 20 leadership courses are only $20 and include fantastic audio narrations to help you learn more effectively.

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  • English

Course Features

  • 9 hrs 45 min
  • Audio Narration

Target Audience

  • Everyone
  • Mobile Salesforce/Workforce
  • New Employees
  • New Leaders & Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Salespeople

System Requirements

  • Flash-enabled web browser

About This Author

Success Associates empowers organizational and individual success by delivering high-quality employee training, e-learning, leadership coaching and consulting services to organizations of all sectors and sizes. Our SkillBuilder CORE Competency Learning System facilitates the development of foundational transferable competencies and soft skills required for effective job performance across a wide range of occupations and industries. Skillbuilder courses empower employees to become self-directed and active participants in learning, while improving job performance and preparing employees for future organizational roles. iTest assessments facilitate the identification of skill gaps in key competency areas which can then be addressed with targeted Skillbuilder courses.
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