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Create an Impress.js Presentation in 10 Minutes

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If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is impress.js?’, or how to create an impress.js presentation, this course is here to help. "Create an Impress.js Presentation in 10 Minutes" will enable you to do just that, even if you've never written a line of code before. This course works from existing code, meaning even users with no prior HTML or CSS experience can create online presentations with minimal effort through the use of impress.js examples and impress.js tutorials and answer the question. Seasoned programmers will appreciate the course's straight-forward approach on a js presentation to introducing features unique to impress.js. "Create an Impress.js Presentation in 8 Minutes" is intended for either audience. If you're interested in creating dynamic js presentations, this course will be useful to you.

What is Impress.js?

Impress.js is a Javascript library that works with HTML and CSS to display presentations in Google Chrome, Safari, and later versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The course begins by showing you the basic structure of an Impress.js document. Next, we'll work through the various ways in which you can create movement within an Impress presentation. This course covers each of these data manipulation attributes:

  • -Positioning text to slide to the left, right, up or down
  • -Scaling slides to make them larger or smaller than other slides
  • -Positioning text in 3D to create rotation around the x, y, and z axis

Sound fun? It certainly is. Sound difficult? These fundamentals are actually quite simple. You can find the sample files mentioned in the course here.

Course Description

If you want to stun your audience with a unique Impress.js presentation, this course will get you there fast.



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0 hr 10 min

Audio Narration

Mobile: iPhone/iPad


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Science & Technology Professionals

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  • sud8deep@gmail.com
    sudeep ramesh April 06, 2013


    tutorial was more than just impressive in its simplest form thanks a lot Sarah Eadie

  • sud8deep@gmail.com
    sudeep ramesh April 11, 2013


    This video was helpful to go through impress.js from BARTAZ and make an impressive presentation yet, if there would be video over creating our CSS and JS files, just little guidance would be more than helpful :)

    AHDCLAPDX May 30, 2013

    Very Helpful

    Thanks so much for creating this tutorial. I learned a lot in a little!

  • hunter.wu@gmail.com
    Hunter Wu September 13, 2013

    Slides Generator

    Generates circular slides for impress.js presentations:

  • marcellopato
    Marcello Pato November 04, 2014

    How to watch it?

    Where can I find it to watch? Already made the check out, by the way...

  • Course Objectives
    • Explain what Impress.js is
    • Understand what impress.js can do
    • Create a multi-slide Impress.js presentation using all available features
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