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Facilitation Core Skills

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Facilitation skills are useful for everyone in the business world. CEO’s, advisors, team leaders, and other managers need to be able to provide structure during meetings rather than just give directions or answers in a discussion. This method of management draws on the expertise of all the employees within the business, which helps improve group effectiveness. The facilitator should help group members formulate methods to find solutions rather than just come up with arbitrary answers. This course will help prepare you to utilize facilitation skills in different situations, structure conversations, handle conflict resolution in the workplace, and make decisions.

You will learn:

-The purpose, behaviors, and underlying principles of a facilitator

-A clear overview of the content and process model at the core of facilitation

-Common misunderstandings about facilitator assertiveness

-How leaders can balance facilitation with being directive

This 3-5 hour facilitation skills training program from Ingrid Bens includes accessibility features, audio narration, interactive features, and video. This course includes ten lessons that help viewers learn group facilitation skills in chunks. each lesson isolates a single, important technique and demonstrates a core skill in a group setting. This course simplifies and explains theoretical models and includes interactive exercises and structured practice activities with each lesson.

Each lesson also includes downloadable workbook pages and the program links to an online bookstore that features recommended further reading. Learners also may take a certification of completion upon completion. The course includes a free package to conduct a one-day post-elearning practice workshop: trainer notes, slides, workbook, handouts and license of unlimited use. All groups enrolled in the online course automatically receive the post-elearning workshop package free of charge, which includes trainer notes, a workbook, slides, handouts and a license for unlimited use.

Course Description

Everyone who manages a project, leads a team or conducts meetings needs to possess group process skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or opportunity to attend lengthy workshops. This elearning program has been created to efficiently and effectively communicate the essential core skills of facilitation, to busy professionals.

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American English

Course Features

3 hr 00 min

Audio Narration

Inline Quizzes


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  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says November 19, 2011

    Develop communication skills

    This popular course provides a step by step approach to developing your meeting facilitation skills. This is essential for anyone who works in team environments or organizes large meetings - ensuring that all parties feel heard, understood and respected is the basis for productive decision making. Ingrid Bens is a nationally-respected facilitator, and her course shares her wisdom and skills with learners.

  • Course Objectives

    • Define role of the facilitator
    • Describe the essential core facilitator practices
    • Demonstrate skills in action
    • Provide opportunities for interaction
    • Offer practice activities to deepen learning
    • Provide recall and comprehension testing
    • Support learners seeking certification
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