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Facilitation Core Skills


Course objectives

  • Define role of the facilitator; describe and demonstrate core skills in action
Course Description

Everyone who manages a project, leads a team or conducts meetings needs to possess group process skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or opportunity to attend lengthy workshops. This elearning program has been created to efficiently and effectively communicate the essential core skills of facilitation, to busy professionals.

Program Features:
- The program is organized into ten lessons.
- Each lesson isolates a single, important technique.
- Each core skill is demonstrated in a group setting.
- Theoretical models are clearly and simply explained.
- Interactive exercises and structured practice activities accompany each lesson.
- Each lesson is supported by downloadable workbook pages.
- The program is linked to an on-line bookstore featuring recommended further reading.
- A final test allows learners to receive a certificate of completion.
- The course includes a free package to conduct a one-day post-elearning practice workshop: trainer notes, slides, workbook, handouts and license of unlimited use.

This course is the first step in the 1-2-3 Facilitation Skills process:
1) The facilitation skills online elearning program consists of 10lessons in the essential core skills. This fully narrated program features over 40 video clips demonstrating both good and bad techniques. The course takes from 3 to 5 hours to complete. Features interactive exercises and a final test.

2) All groups enrolled in the online course
automatically receive the post-elearning workshop package free of charge. Includes trainer notes, a workbook, slides, handouts and a license for unlimited use. Can be conducted by any in-house trainer. Designed for groups of six, with a suggested maximum of 24 per class.

3) Upon completion of the practice workshop
ask graduates to pick a partner. Partners take turn observing each other using the Facilitation Skills Inventory (FSI) (Participant materials cost $22.00 ea).

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  • English

Course Features

  • 3 hrs
  • Accessibility Features
  • Audio Narration
  • Inline Quizzes
  • Video

Target Audience

  • Everyone

About This Author

Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer whose special areas of expertise are facilitation skills, team building, conflict management, employee and organizational change. She has a Master's degree in Adult Education and more than twenty-five years of experience as a workshop leader and organization development consultant. The workshops she currently conducts address core facilitation skills, advanced facilitation skills, and facilitative leadership strategies. Bens is the founder of both Participative Dynamics, a consulting firm located in Sarasota, Florida, and Facilitation Tutor, an on-line learning portal. Past clients of Ingrid Bens include: General Electric Canada, Ontario Securities Commission, Bayer, Royal Bank, Nabisco Foods, Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto, Philadelphia Children's Hospital, Guillevin International, Bell Canada, Noma Industries, Moore Business Forms, NOAA, Harley-Davidson, CIBA-Geigy, Honeywell, Cardinal FG, Baystate Health Services, Baxter Corporation, KPMG, Harcourt Brace, The Boeing Company, The National Education Association, AARP, City of St. Petersburg, Florida, US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, Eaton Cutler Hammer, EPA, Reliant Energy, St. Luke!s Medical Group, Sarasota County Government,Genzyme, USDA Graduate School, U.S. Sugar, NASA, CitiGroup, Genzyme.
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Reviews of this Course

OpenSesame Says

Develop communication skills

This popular course provides a step by step approach to developing your meeting facilitation skills. This is essential for anyone who works in team environments or organizes large meetings - ensuring that all parties feel heard, understood and respected is the basis for productive decision making. Ingrid Bens is a nationally-respected facilitator, and her course shares her wisdom and skills with learners.

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