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FREE Flu Prevention: At Home, At Work and During Travel

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Course objectives

  • Identify specific actions you can take to avoid catching and spreading the flu
Course Description

With so many reports of the flu in the news, everyone has questions about how to reduce their exposure to this virus. In this free online training course, you and your team will learn how the flu spreads, how to recognize flu symptoms and how to keep your home and workplace healthy. 

We'll cover: 

- What the flu is and how it spreads

- Tips for keeping yourself healthy when working with colleagues and customers

- How to reduce your exposure to the flu when you're on the road

- Steps an organization can take to reduce the spread of flu in the workplace

Finally, this course will answer some of the most common questions about flu symptoms, flu shots and signs that you or your colleague should seek medical attention. 

This free online training course will help you and your team prevent the flu from decreasing your productivity this year. Stay healthy! 


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  • English

Course Features

  • 10 min
  • Audio Narration
  • Job Aids and Reference Materials

Target Audience

  • Everyone

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Reviews of this Course


Great Flu Prevention Course

While we all might thinking keeping the Flu away is common sense, this year's infection rates were the highest on record. This course is great, particularly for businesses, at showing how to keep the Fly from wreaking havoc in an office environment or while on a business trip. I would recommend it for HR and Training Managers trying to educate their learners on Flu prevention.


Flu Prevention

Good, short training that emphasizes the important behaviors to prevent the spread of flu!

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