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Functional English - Introducing Yourself

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OpenSesame Description

When in the business world, or visiting an English-speaking country, there is a certain level of English you should be capable of using. Even when you aren’t expected to be fluent in a language you should still possess some basic skills. This module on functional language skills discusses introducing yourself in English. Being able to hold simple conversations introducing yourself, beyond simply your name, can go a long way when working with native English-speakers.

This course includes:

  • -Greetings and responses
  • -Introduction and expected responses
  • -Getting to know each other
  • -Goodbyes

This approximately 40 minute course introduces you to different greetings, introductions, techniques for getting to know each other, and leaving remarks in English. Using example conversations and audio narration this course walks you through a variety of conversations, preparing you for real conversations in your workplace. Notepad and transcript features allow you to take notes as you watch the course and follow along in the text. Inline quizzes ensure that you’re comprehending information so that it can be used next time you have a conversation in English. This course walks you through different kinds of conversations, ensuring that when you have these conversations you will be prepared.

Course Description

This module of Functional English deals with basic communication skills in a scenario where you have to introduce yourself and build conversation with someone.

Other System Requirements

Standard Internet Browsers with Flash support


American English

Course Features

0 hr 40 min

Audio Narration

Inline Quizzes

Course Objectives

  • Functional English Skills
  • Understanding greetings in English
  • Introducing yourself in English
  • Asking questions and learning about the other person
  • Leaving remarks
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