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Improving Individual Performance: Succession Planning


Course objectives

  • Understand what succession planning is
  • Know the importance of succession planning & Know how to prepare a list of successors.

OpenSesame Description

Through this interactive training, course takers will gain a better understanding of what succession planning is and how to conduct succession planning. Course takers will also learn the importance of succession planning and preparing for successors. This training provides tips on how to prepare a list of successors and discusses how succession planning contributes to performance management and the methods companies can use.

Furthermore, this course explains how the selection of successors should be chosen, in that they must be suitable to fill the position. This course covers three topics that need to be reached, in order to maintain a personal development plan:

  • Design
  • Measurement
  • Succession Plan

This training explains how the term "fair" is measured when it comes to succession planning and the importance of short term and long term goals. In addition, this training provides questions throughout the presentation to help with the retention of content. It also contains audio narrated video, colorful graphics, and a place to take notes. 

Course Description

Succession Planning considers how succession planning contributes to performance management and the methods companies can use.

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  • English

Course Features

  • 20 min
  • Audio Narration

Target Audience

  • Experienced Managers
  • Financial & Accounting Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Mobile Salesforce/Workforce
  • New Employees
  • New Leaders & Managers
  • Operations & Logistics Staff
  • Project Managers

System Requirements

  • Plugins: Adobe Acrobat, Flash 10 if browser is not HTML 5 compatible; Hardware: Soundcard, Windows XP+ or comparable Linux machine, 1Gb RAM (minimum) Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (minimum).


  • NA

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