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Buying eLearning Courses

The Importance of Visuals in eLearning

Are you blending your teaching methods in a logical and dynamic way to reach the different types of learners in your company? Those who learn best by listening, reading, watching, or through visual cues need to be able to understand the knowledge you’re trying to impart. Read why utilizing visuals in elearning can help ensure that what you’re trying to teach isn’t just heard or seen, its understood.

Can a Starship Captain Teach Us About Change (and eLearning)?

Have you ever played a video game and found yourself running into the same obstacle over and over again and struggling to overcome it? Maybe you were playing a shoot-em-up game and you always die in the same dark spot. Or maybe Tetris kicks your butt once it gets into high speed without fail. On the other hand there might be a puzzle you can beat in record time every single time you play.

Top 25 Professional Development Courses To Take Control of Your Career

Technology has exponentially increased the number of avenues one can use in their personal career growth—including access to online professional development courses. And with the availability of data regarding utilization, it is even easier to determine the most in-demand skills.

If you are looking to create a personal career plan, consider adding these top 25 professional development courses to your learning goals.

Check Off Two Big To-Dos From Your List

Doesn’t this time of year seem to move faster than other months? One minute you’re handing out candy to costumed kids in your neighborhood and the next you’re ringing in the new year. In the meantime, you’re adding more things to your “To Do” list then subtracting.

With less than 30 working days left before the new year, quick and simple solutions are even more valuable to helping you keep that “To Do” list manageable. And if those solutions ensure your training budget remains intact for the new year, all the better!

Head to Head: eLearning vs mLearning: What's The Difference?

With all the hype around digital learning, the terms ‘elearning’ and ‘mlearning’ are being used more and more. But many people do not know what differentiates the two and are instead using them interchangeably. So, what is the difference between elearning and mlearning? Besides the obvious letter change, there’s actually not much differentiating the two terms. Let’s start with the obvious and explain what the ‘e’ and the ‘m’ mean. eLearning stands for electronic learning, whereas mlearning stands for mobile learning. Mobile is electronic media, so doesn’t that mean mlearning is the same as elearning? That is somewhat correct, but just because elearning and mlearning are both forms of digital learning does not mean they play the same role.

Is eLearning Doomed to Be a Lonely Experience?

eLearning is a solitary and lonely experience, right? That’s what I used to think, but I’m not so sure anymore.

And this is coming from a real skeptic! I used to hold a wary eye to the whole “let’s make elearning more social through online communities” movement, assuming that there was no way it could really match the classroom experience or make up for real human interaction.

Free eBook: Tips For Marketing Your eLearning Initiative

One of the most common frustrations we hear from prospective customers is a lack of interest from employees in training and development programs. Often employees show high initial engagement, but either lose interest or forget about the opportunity without continued exposure. Keeping learning top of mind and exciting for employees can be challenge, so we built a toolkit to help our community increase usage and engagement around their elearning initiatives.

Finding the Most Effective Course For Your Learning Objective

Traditional methods of educational transference (books, lectures and most online training programs) have far less of an effect on contemporary employees than one might think. Today, reaching employees and positively changing their attitudes and behaviors is becoming increasingly difficult. They have been beaten down by many of the outdated and monotonous online training courses that are currently available.

How Your Company Can Use eLearning to Achieve Great Customer Service

Due to the bad reputation customer service can receive, many people dread having to call their service providers for fears of such a situation, which can have an adverse affect on your company. There are two ways in which this fear of customer service can be harmful to you and your company. The first reason is if a customer has a need to call you but is afraid to, then you are unable to help them. The second reason is people will begin to associate customer service with bad interactions. This means even if you have a great customer service force in your own company, you will be adversely affected by the company that is making the news for bad customer interactions.


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