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Acerca de FanFan

Fanfan International Education Studio is registered as Non-for-profit organization in Hongkong. We are also continually developing companies operated by young entrepreneur members of Fanfan Studio as following:

  • Shanghai Wuai E-business Co., Ltd (established since 2010)

  • Fangyu Exhibition&Conference Service Organization (established since 2010)

  • Fanfan&Company……. (established since 2011)

Fanfan.Hanfang Guo: Founder of Fanfan Studio

– Board Member of Shanghai Investment Management Commission of Shanghai Association of International Services Trade

– Committee Member of Pudong Youth Federation (PYF)

– Senior Consultant of China Internship&Entrepreneurship Internet

– Honorary Professor of Foreign Language Institute of Changzhou College of Information Technology

– With Honor title “Best Career Consulting Doctors in Shanghai” issued by Shanghai Labor Office in year 2005

– Invited Specialist for Career Consulting Office of Shanghai Xuhui District

– PMP Certificated Member as Senior Project Manager

– National Secretary of IAESTE CHINA for 8 years (2001-2009)

6 years in business + 10 years in international NGO

Our Vision : To build a platform bridges global human resource and capitals to benefit China and the world

1) To find innovative solutions for helping Chinese youth to develop global leadership

2) To support Chinese youth to build value-oriented business worldwide

3) To offer value-oriented foreign individuals, companies and organizations to develop in China

Our Mission: To build a platform integrates values and needs among global talents, employers and organizations

1) Get Vision: To help Chinese and foreign talents to understand insight of China

2) Get Social Responsibility: To encourage Chinese leaders to care and be willing to benefit the future of China

3) Get Opportunities: To help Chinese and foreign youth to get global opportunities in oversea study and job career

What Fanfan International Education Studio Provides

1) Resource: Information of training, study tour, internship and employment offered by global partners of Fanfan Studio

2) Projects: Value-oriented Projects provided by young entrepreneurs supported by Fanfan Studio

3) Service: Highly competitive Service provided by global partners of Fanfan Studio


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    在现今注重团队价值的社会中,企业的最大资本在于拥有一个能将有限资源整合并且创造最大利益的团队. 因此,如何让员工愿意为团队付出,并且与公司共创双赢局面,是当今主流企业最重要的课题. 此堂课程不仅再次阐述团队合作的重要性,更在观念上、实务上清楚解释如何培养一个有利于公司的团队.

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