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Here at NexLearn, we have focused on providing eLearning solutions to government and corporate entities since 1994. We specialize in courseware management and custom eLearning courseware development, and have implemented both our courseware and our learning management systems successfully in a wide range of technical environments. Our company currently provides eLearning to many companies spanning many industries, worldwide. Our approach to every solution is to match training initiatives to our clients' business objectives and strategies, enabling us to add value to their enterprise. We believe that design helps render technology usable and plays a vital role in the continued success of eLearning, not only in the form of aesthetics but also in the form of functionality. Our work continuously reflects our commitment to excellence and our products are designed to make a difference.

We began development of our proprietary systems in 1995. 2000 saw the initial release of our Learning Management System, CareerMap, as well as, the launch of our first regulatory compliance courseware library. In 2004, we released CareerMap 2, our second generation Learning Management System, available in either a corporate, client-side solution or a hosted solution. In the fall of 2006, we released our proprietary Talent Management System bringing an online solution to assist companies in managing their human capital. In 2008, we launched our revolutionary Learning Management Express, ‘LMXonline.’ LMX brings the ease of eCommerce to eLearning while providing the benefits of a learning management system. LMX allows individuals and corporate entities to purchase anywhere from one courseware title to any number of courses from the offered catalog and utilize the included learning management system functionalities.

We are proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner which means we have met or exceeded the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have a close working relationship with Microsoft.

We have won numerous awards for our custom courseware development and our staff holds a litany of certifications reflecting our expertise in various technologies.

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Reviews of @NexLearn courses

  • Sheryl Botshon
    Sheryl Botshon Marzo 24, 2016

    Leadership Development by Nexlearn

    fantastic learing - well done and comprehensive!!

  • Christina Gremore
    Christina Gremore Octubre 05, 2012

    Professional Quality

    This course was well-organized and really easy to use. Truly professional quality. Some especially helpful features:
    -Optional Closed Captions. I was able to get all the information without turning on the sound or using my uncomfortable headphones.
    -Directions. The program always told me when I needed to click a button to get to the next module.
    -Feedback. If I got an answer wrong during one of the quizzes, it allowed me to go back to the module and review the information being tested.
    -Clearly Outlined. I always knew exactly where I was in the course, and how many more screens I had left, thanks to a handy counter in the upper left corner.
    -Interactive. There were buttons I could click to learn more about certain topics.

    The program was well-designed and quite informative. It not only clearly stated the legal definition of sexual harassment, but clarified what types of behaviors could be considered harassment. The program also discusses ways to resolve this issue in the workplace. Overall, this course made this very necessary training really easy and fast.

  • Micaela Deitch
    Micaela Deitch Junio 18, 2012

    Smooth interface

    This course worked with really quickly and smoothly with my browser. I felt engaged at every level, first learning definitions, hearing explanations, then having to explain my knowledge. Recommended for anyone looking for a basic course about the ADA.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says Septiembre 30, 2011

    Building good leaders takes time

    And this course provides useful coaching for developing your leadership chops. With practical advice, useful exercises and and advice on working with diverse teams, this course prepares leaders for taking on ever increasing responsibility.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says Septiembre 30, 2011

    Thorough sexual harassment prevention course

    This sexual harassment prevention course covers all the key issues in promoting good workplace behavior, coping with difficult situations, and how to resolve potential harassment situations when they do occur.

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