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Sollah Interactive, LLC is a technology training company dedicated to the rapid and cost-effective distribution of corporate training content across the globe. Founded by Bob Chonka and Jon Grannis in 2011, Sollah Interactive works with training producers, training developers and training distribution networks to maximize training development and delivery.

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Monica Sewald

Just purchased $15.00 PHA course

Where is the download? Just purchased this course and received nothing!

David Glow

Interviewing Vid Addresses Key Areas Commonly Missed

This video provides some solid interviewing tips in a fun, light way (professional colleagues at a social gathering sharing challenges with interviewing, and offering tips).

It really hits squarely on the key elements of interviewing missed by so many companies: over-interviewing for skills at the expense of interviewing for "fit".

The video recognizes that capability (the candidate's "technical" abilities to perform the work) is certainly an important component of the interview. However, it hits upon to equally important-and often ignored-aspects of interviewing to find a good fit: commitment and chemistry.

The video offers some good tips on structuring the interview so you ensure to cover all three of the critical areas for hiring. The structure helps keep the evaluation process consistent and fair (all candidates measured with the same stick), and legal (even when the candidate offers information they shouldn't, they offer effective techniques to reframe the discussion).

I appreciate the video keeps the content brief and light; too many interview courses are over-engineered. It also clearly illustrates a key principle: interview intensely for all three elements to confirm both requisite skills and alignment so you don't have to manage as intensely.

All said, this is a good investment of a half-hour of time to quickly get employees who need to interview candidates on the right path.

OpenSesame Says
OpenSesame Says

It's never easy to give someone bad news

But this course provides essential skills for making performance appraisals effective and productive. Rather than focusing on the negative, this course shows learners how to focus performance reviews on finding a solution, and making those solutions work for everyone.

OpenSesame Says
OpenSesame Says

Essential management training for promoting safe workplaces

Keep your workplace and team members safe and violence-free with this course full of information about preventing workplace violence. Preventing violence requires a culture of safety, respect and attention - and this course outlines skills and best practices for keeping your team safe.

OpenSesame Says
OpenSesame Says

Keep your organization in line with ADA requirements

This elearning course shares essential information to ensure that your organization is welcoming to customers and team members of all abilities. Use this course to make sure your team understands the tenets of ADA compliance and to get ideas for creating a compliant and welcoming workspace for all.


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