We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar “Preventing Abusive Conduct and Bullying in the Workplace: A Policy and Training Roadmap” in collaboration with MYCA Learning! While California training managers are very familiar with AB1825 and the sexual harassment requirements included, not everyone is familiar with the parameters of the new AB2053 law. ... [more]

The information revolution of the past decade has not only transformed our economy, but how we work, communicate and relate to each other. Companies are being forced to evolve quickly to adapt to these changes, shifting business practices to accommodate the increased demand for access to real time information. Unfortunately, rushed implementation or pressure to keep up with technology can leave some learners behind and feeling disenfranchised. To help businesses meet these new demands, the ASTD-Cascadia chapter has themed this year’s annual conference “Join the Revolution: Change the Face of Learning!” The conference will seek to answer how learning professionals can better meet the needs of our remote workers, as well as how to deliver content and build skills across multiple modalities. ... [more]

Remember the excitement you experienced as a child when you got a new toy? All you wanted to do was play with it and find out all it could do. But a few months after the original excitement had worn off, you were onto the next thing, and the old toy was left behind. ... [more]

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This past week I had the privilege of attending my first ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) conference in Washington D.C. It was fantastic connecting with colleagues, partners and clients in our nation’s capital, as well as getting a chance to learn more about current trends and developments within the industry. One of the biggest announcements to come out of the conference, however, was not a new product or service. Instead, the big news came from the organization itself. ... [more]

Every year it happens. Content developers, trainers, managers, and LMS administrators get together to learn what’s new and work on improving their elearning skills. And this year, it’ll be momentous. The 2014 LEAP Ahead eLearning Conference has a rock star lineup: Jane Bozarth, Julie Dirksen, Judy Katz, John Delano, Roger Courville, David Anderson, and many others. ... [more]

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The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) phenomenon that has been shaking up higher education for the past few years is slowly beginning to find its way into corporate conversations. Many companies are seeking to better understand the MOOC model and the possibilities for application in their own training programs. It is no surprise then that the Masie Center, a leading think tank exploring the intersection of learning and technology, decided to host a conference around such possibilities—bringing together 70 participants (including myself) at the recent MOOC Symposium in Saratoga Springs, New York. The 3-day event was packed with fantastic discussion and some great takeaways, some of which I will try to summarize for you. ... [more]

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This year OpenSesame is hitting the road to spread the word about our elearning marketplace. From California all the way to London, we are looking forward to seeing current customers and sellers in person, as well as getting to know many of you. Looking for some quality conferences to attend this season? Join us at these three upcoming events! ... [more]

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida. Like a child waiting for Santa, I had been eagerly anticipating this trip for months. The Masie Center has a reputation for quality events with a a bit of a dramatic flair, and Learning 2013 did not disappoint. ... [more]

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Owning a franchisee can be as challenging as it is exciting, which is why Frantopia brings together franchise owners from all over the world to share their stories and connect with each other. Frantopia also seeks to provide quality resources and access to best practices to facilitate franchisee growth. As part of this mission, Frantopia will be hosting the virtual event “Frantopia 2013 Franchisee Growth Series” throughout the month of October. ... [more]

Are you looking to start 2013 out with a bang? Our partners at BlueVolt are offering a great opportunity to immerse yourself in instructional design, elearning development and program management at the BlueVolt Leap Ahead eLearning Conference. This 2-day training conference is named after its mission: To help you Learn how to Educate users and Accelerate business Profits. ... [more]

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