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There are Master Chefs among us, yes, but some of us didn’t always know how to cook, or how to cook properly. Fortunately, two elements have made excellence in cooking something that is accessible and achievable for all of us. One element lies in the fact the best cooks all around the world have made their recipes and cooking approaches so available to all of us through accessible, online content. ... [more]

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In a recent OpenSesame webinar, Cushing Anderson, IDC’s IT Education and Certification Research Program Vice President, shared his research of the characteristics and practices of 250 organizations and their use of elearning. Anderson outlines that having the right amount of courses and implementing an elearning program is not a guarantee of success. ... [more]

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Why did people assume an Asian woman in the BBC news video was the nanny?   By now, most of the Internet seems to have seen the video of a BBC interview being interrupted by two small children. International Relations Professor Robert Kelly’s interview about South Korea was briefly interrupted when his two small children walked in. ... [more]

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  You may have noticed some changes to your OpenSesame Activity Report. We’ve made enhancements to optimize the speed of pulling these often lengthy reports, especially those containing multiple years worth of data. To access the new and improved report, log in to your OpenSesame Dashboard. Click on “My Courses” will take you to your dashboard. On the left hand side of the page you will see your Activity Report tab. ... [more]

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