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Established in 1997, 360training is leading the professional education industry around the globe with a blended approach of technology, digital and online training content as well as other professional services. Our vision is to provide end-to-end training, regulatory compliance and risk management solutions to individuals, training providers and small-to-mid-sized businesses. Our mission is to provide the most complete, multi-disciplinary and fiscally responsible e-learning solutions, through offering a mix of Learning Management System, Learning and Content Management System, Virtual Classroom, compliance tools and/or content libraries. We are a privately held, debt free company with no external investors and a continuous history of profitability. We deliver e-learning and compliance courses that are specific to a multitude of corporations, workforces, associations, schools, resellers and individuals across the globe. We help you train your staff with the backup of tracking and measurable competencies. We do this by providing exceptional online education. We provide companies exactly what they need to keep their employees trained with the specific learning tools they need to increase compliance and safety standards and minimizing risk. We provide companies like yours with a convenient and cost-efficient way to give your employees seamless online tools to help manage compliance and certification needs as well as career growth. When your employees are trained and certified with our education tools, your business will benefit from diminished risk and liability. With a course catalog of over 6,000 titles, provides a one-stop training solution for proprietary training institutions, colleges, corporations and trade associations. Unmatched in the industry, we offer a top-notch learning management system platform, professional services and around- the-clock support.

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Reviews of 360 Training

Vast library of professional development resources

360Training has developed a vast library of offerings targeted to the business community. The subject areas range from Business Ethics through general awareness of occupational health & safety practices to vendor-based curriculum (e.g. Microsoft Office Specialist training). All of the courses have a large amount of on-screen text, which is read verbatim by a narrator. They also offer exam preparation courses for technology certifications, securities brokers and other specific industries like cosmetology. These courses provide a straightforward complement to any existing formal training efforts and will serve a learner well as an ongoing reference resource. While the courses are relatively low on interactivity, they are easy to digest and many of the offerings from 360 provide video for a more dynamic and engaging experience. An organization looking for a cost-effective alternative to session-based expertise workshops in these areas would definitely find these offerings of value. As with any self-paced learning efforts, content should be supplemented with a suitable roadmap and opportunities for hands-on practice and reflection.

Reviews of 360 Training courses

Unable to play

I cannot get this course to play for me, althought is says free preview and was on the list of what we wanted to look at...any suggestions?
Amvets Post 5
Andrew Riesen

Very Detailed

An ethical workplace is extremely important and really hinders a company's productivity when not adressed. This course takes a very concise yet in-depth approach to helping the viewer learn the necessary aspects of ethics. Would most definitely recommend this course to someone who needs a short reminder/overview of business ethics.

Micaela Deitch

Solid course

This course taught me a lot about record keeping compliance regulations. It was easy to navigate and I could repeat the information if I wasn't sure. It mainly focuses on SEC rules, but also had a lot of information on how to properly keep records in the workplace.

Micaela Deitch

long and in-depth course

I found this course very helpful in explaining a wide range of human resources topics. It's quite long, but that just speaks to the volume of material it covers. I'd recommend it to anyone entering the human resources field looking for an introduction to the industry.