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About Speak and Write Inc

For over 25 years, Speak and Write has met the needs of organizations wanting to improve their employees’ business writing and presentation skills.

Speak and Write has offered one- and two-day workshops at over 100 world-wide corporations. From high-tech to bio-tech, financial services to healthcare, our company has trained 1000s of participants to improve their overall effectiveness of employees at work.

Speak and Write’s expertise focuses on the following topics:

- Business and technical writing
- Audit Report Writing
- Effective Email Writing
- Policy, Process, and Procedure Writing
- Presentation Skills
- Meeting Facilitation Skills
- Career Design

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Reviews of @Speak and Write Inc courses

  • Kathleen  Kohnert
    Kathleen Kohnert July 25, 2014

    Easy to follow and entertaining

    Techniques in this course are very clearly laid out, so they're easy to follow and therefore implement. Thank you! I also like that it wasn't boring at all!

  • Speak and Write Inc
    Speak and Write Inc July 16, 2014

    Excellent - Very helpful techniques!

    We've been training people to deliver powerful presentations for over 25 years. This course is the culmination of that experience and the best techniques wrapped into the simplest, fastest way possible to develop a great presentation. Try it out!

  • Speak and Write Inc
    Speak and Write Inc February 13, 2014

    Try it - It will help!

    This was created to help you improve clarity, conciseness, and persuasion of your real estate marketing copy.

  • Speak and Write Inc
    Speak and Write Inc April 29, 2013

    Excellent - Very helpful techniques!

    Hey, we created it, so why wouldn't we give it five stars? Now we dare you to take the course and see what you think. Happy learning!