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About Canopus Business Management Group

Expertise: Customer Experience Management, Analytics, Business Transformation & Strategy Implementation

Neil started Canopus Business Management Group in 2009.

He helps a range of mid to large enterprises in services and manufacturing, with particular emphasis on revenue enhancement & customer retention. His clients include Vodafone, PepsiCo, TVS Motors, TAFE, McKinsey, Essel, Electronic Arts, etc and his past employers include HSBC, Bank of America, Standard Chartered & Whirlpool.

He draws on 18 years of extensive experience in Customer Experience Management, Analytics, Change Management, Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy & Lean Six Sigma to deliver composite solutions.

Client engagements aim at improving customer experience by seamless implementation of strategies, process design, culture change, data analytics & people capability building.

Neil has led several change initiatives & CX projects with approved financial benefits of over $20MN, of which $4Mn was executed by him personally. He has demonstrated results in unconventional areas such as sales, customer service, HR, technology, risk & compliance, program office, administration & security, procurement, etc.

He demonstrates self-interest & ownership, establishing peer relationship with leadership teams, critiquing, contributing ideas, maintaining a good balance of general leadership and specific skills; and above all, bringing an external perspective.

Neil is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and recognized as Top 10 quality practitioners in India.
He is passionate about coaching executives on execution orientation and educating young professionals & students in lean six sigma.

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