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The Capensys team has been training with blended learning since 1980, and working in law firms on both sides of the Atlantic since 2000. The team has assisted with rollout training of MS Office, document management systems and associated legal applications in several dozen law firms. We are unique in that we operate both in the US and in Europe with valuable experience in international rollouts.

We are the most innovative and experienced training team, with unrivaled expertise in blended training rollouts for MS Office, document management systems, and a host of other legal applications.

The name “Capensys” derives from a type of owl. We chose it because we are a team of “Smart Owls”– seasoned professionals with many years of experience in senior training and Help Desk positions at leading law firms. Our combined experience will help make your training an outstanding success.

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  • Gabriela Ortega Monterroso
    Gabriela Ortega Monterroso May 19, 2016

    Curso Excel

    Curso Excel