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The Cegos Group, created in 1926, is one of the world leaders in professional training. The expertise of its consultants covers all fields of management and development of skills: human resources, management and leadership, performance and organisation, individual and collective effectiveness, marketing and sales, project management, rolling out major training facilities in France and internationally etc.

Cegos employs 1,200 people and operates in 50 countries throughout the world.

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Engaging multimedia courses for a global audience

Cegos is a professional development training provider offering engaging multimedia courses. Their catalog offers a wide range of courses ranging from topics focused on personal development for employees (such as emotional intelligence and sales) to management and leadership. The courses are very high-quality in production value and is offered in multiple languages for a single price point, a great asset for any multinational organization. Courses are presented in scenario form with a great, easy to understand design. Courses are usually short, ranging from 25 to 45 minutes, which can sometimes lead to overly general content. There are interactive drop-down menus, standard progress arrows, and an interactive map for navigation. No matter the navigation method used, the progress is clearly tracked through well designed visual indicators. The course skin has additional rich features to enhance the course experience, such as a language switcher, resources, a note-taking function and a printable summary as a key take-away from the course (which appends with the notes you add). Each section of the course content starts with a short video introduction of the subject. It then progresses to a series of content pieces featuring animations, clickable exercises, and text with graphics. The activities are very well produced and appropriate to reinforce the learning. There were recall and light assessment activities in some modules, and though sometimes very difficult and often lacking any motivational component. However, the feedback was good, giving users an option to try again or to have answers displayed. At times, users were assessed prior to seeing content to illustrate what knowledge they did (or didn't) have, which was a good engagement tactic. In some instances, interactions request that you take notes in consideration of your own specific work context to assist you in transferring the learning to your work environment.

Reviews of @Cegos courses

  • Nichole Perkins
    Nichole Perkins September 01, 2016

    Eh...just ok

    Found the content/structure to be "odd". Wasn't wowed when I finished or felt I took anything away from it. If the content was given differently maybe so.

  • Jeremy Valdes
    Jeremy Valdes February 10, 2016

    Could be better

    Applying names to the actual people rather than just saying their name (in the sentence above), then playing their story seems like it could be done better. All and all a very complicated way to disseminate information.

  • Dana Rosen
    Dana Rosen July 09, 2015

    I loved this course. The

    I loved this course. The content was thorough and relevant to my interests, and the material was presented in a much more interactive way than many other courses I've seen on the same subject.

  • Mandi Ragsdale
    Mandi Ragsdale August 05, 2014


    Some of the examples are not in English. This makes it hard to follow along.

  • Katie Hurst
    Katie Hurst May 27, 2013

    Comprehensive & Engagine

    Watching a course on how to write for the web is not the same as learning how to write for the web. Cegos clearly understands how people best learn, as this course involves several interactive quizzes and opportunities to practice what you've learned. I took away much more form the lesson by having to provide my own writing samples and the feedback was very helpful.

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