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Cornell University MBA, criminal prosecutor and business entrepreneur, Michelle McGinnis has improvement of the education and safety of children in her DNA.

In Los Angeles in the 1950s, Michelle's mother opened the first inter-racial group home for neglected and delinquent children in the nation. As Michelle grew up in greater Los Angeles, she watched her family operate childcare centers. Wanting to make her mark, after graduating UCLA, Michelle gained her juris doctorate and entered the judicial system to prosecute criminals and protect victims, achieving her current status as a criminal prosecutor. Yet the memories of her mother's important work never faded and have informed the fabric of her career.

While advancing her legal career, Michelle went to work on a parallel career. She returned to her alma mater and earned a teaching credential and center director qualifications, completed management development at UCLA Anderson School of Management, earned an MBA from Cornell University and an MBA from Queens University in Canada. Michelle toured dozens of childcare facilities internationally, interviewed administrators and learned her lesson well: A vast gap exists between how children in under-served communities are cared for compared with the more affluent areas.

Michelle went back to her entrepreneurial roots and purchased schools, growing the business to three locations and gaining over a decade of invaluable and practical insights into all aspects of the education business.

It’s this confluence of purpose, entrepreneurship, practical business experience and immersed understanding of the legal ramifications of non-compliance and criminal prosecution that enabled Michelle to spearhead one of the most important turn-around stories in Los Angeles education. Michelle devoted her life to the critical task of protecting independently minded children, and providing a safe school in which students can learn and where education can flourish.

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