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  • Dana Rosen
    Dana Rosen June 24, 2015


    This course includes helpful information though it's fairly basic. Definitely take this course if you're looking to establish and maintain an effective safety committee.

  • Dana Rosen
    Dana Rosen June 24, 2015


    This course provides helpful hints for safe managerial practices. It's probably only relevant if you're working in a dangerous environment, but still good information to know regardless.

  • Laura Suzuki
    Laura Suzuki June 11, 2015

    The reviews before the

    The reviews before the quizzes were helpful refreshers. The course could have been a bit more interesting with more interaction, but very informative nonetheless.

  • Pete Wendland
    Pete Wendland June 10, 2015

    Course Review

    This course was very in-depth in terms of content. Quizzes throughout somewhat helped retain it all, but still a lot to take in. The narration was easy to follow and it required you to keep interacting to make sure you were paying attention, which was helpful.

  • KBA North America Admin
    KBA North America Admin July 30, 2014

    General Office Safety

    Nothing fancy, but the content was clearly presented. It had audio, captions, quizzes, and asked users to think about their own situation.

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