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DiscoverLink, Inc. is the undisputed leader in e-learning for the restaurant industry, offering a unique combination of content and technology solutions supported by extensive development and implementation expertise. Founded in 2002, DiscoverLink has delivered e-learning solutions for more than 100 restaurant brands, including some of the industry’s leading chains, leveraging the 20+ years of e-learning experience of its founders.

DiscoverLink partners with its clients to develop solutions that combine its library of more than 50 restaurant-specific training courses with custom-developed courses and a learning management system optimized for the restaurant industry. DiscoverLink uses a metrics-based methodology to measure the success of e-learning programs it deploys for its clients. This ensures a high return on investment that enables further investment in training programs.

DiscoverLink clients consistently experience significant positive impacts from their e-learning programs, with improvements in staff competency, training consistency and compliance, training expenses, employee turnover, store revenue and profitability, and customer satisfaction. With its extensive e-learning experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, DiscoverLink is uniquely qualified to help restaurant chains implement e-learning solutions that maximize ROI and deliver exceptional results. Headquartered in West Chicago, Illinois, DiscoverLink maintains staff in seven states throughout the United States.

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