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We built our company celebrating human story. A story is an event. Yet as part of a larger narrative, it provides the core of a mission. Narratives are open-ended and invite participation. They encapsulate an ambition. They inspire, delight, teach, build understanding and motivate us. Diversa challenges learners perceptions and thought patterns. We support them to evaluate, analyze and create policies, procedures and practices that impact lives. We are a team of instructional designers, artists and filmmakers. We pride ourselves on holding the user at the center of our design process. Our passion for learning, means that we are ever evolving with advancements and possibilities using cutting edge technology. We have worked with a diverse group of clients across many sectors. We customize the learners experience and achieve high retention through gamification, branching scenarios and learner interaction. We believe gathering user stories is a point of access to our collective imagination – that is how we can begin to see beyond. Let’s create new worlds that spring from rethinking and reimagining from a chorus of voices.

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