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e-Mersion is a full-service media group dedicated to creating innovative communication solutions. With emphasis on eMarketing, eLearning, Social Networking and Video Production, the company is nationally recognized for its work serving a broad spectrum of clients with unique communications objectives. e-Mersion's roster of clients includes a diverse mix of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, colleges, non-profit organizations and professional associations.

e-Mersion consistently earns top honors within the industry for the content and delivery of its programs. Articulate awarded e-Mersion its "Gold Guru Award" in 2009 for producing the best learning course using Articulate software. In 2008, e-Mersion was recognized by the eLearning Guild as the creator of the "Best Blended eLearning Course" and recognized by Articulate as a "Showcase" winner.

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  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says December 30, 2011

    Improve learners' communication directly

    This clear course is an excellent resource for learners who want to improve their communication with coworkers and peers. With insights on different styles of communication and techniques for improving your existing communication modes, this course assists all learners in becoming clear communicators. This course has easy-to-use navigation, fun examples, and tips you can put to work to give excellent presentations and communicate more effectively in your professional life.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says November 22, 2011

    In today's workplace, different generations co-exist

    With different communication styles, basic assumptions and abilities, different generations in the workplace face challenges in working together. This course provides illuminating examples of the assumptions we don't even know we're making - and how to do a better job communicating with diverse groups.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says November 22, 2011

    Someday you may have to cope with a bomb threat

    If you think your office has been targeted for a bomb threat, communicating the risk calmly and establishing a safe response is essential, and this course will ensure that you and your employees are prepared to cope with difficult situations safely.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says November 22, 2011

    Promote good health in your office

    Diabesity presents a risk to your employees' health and productivity - and ultimately, the health of your organization. Use this elearning course to provide a clear explanation of what Type 2 diabetes is, how to mitigate risk, and how to build a healthy workplace culture.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says November 22, 2011

    Fire is a real risk for any workplace...

    And this elearning course provides a comprehensive introduction to reacting to dangerous situations safely and calmly. Make sure employees are prepared for every eventuality, effectively and affordably with this straightforward elearning course.

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