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We offer a performance enhancement solution, designed to increase the intellectual value of an organization. Our content provides results, immediately. Our short format content, averaging 10 minutes per course, is based on proven academic and professional research studies. This award winning content can be viewed on any mobile device. It can be standardized, used remotely, and is always available. Video training is proven to be more effective than interactive courseware and is equally effective as live training. Try us, and you too will experience how this engaging content will deliver results, immediately!

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Reviews of ej4 - eLearning for Business

Professional & well thought out online training

The ej4 library uses videos and knowledge checks to present a thoughtful and professional approach to learning new material. The courses in ej4’s library are structured as a two-part course: The first part is a video and the second part is course material. The presenters are articulate subject matter experts who present the material with the on screen display. The objectives are clearly identified and the material flows in an orderly path. Word and text art are used effectively to highlight the key points that the speaker is making both in soft skills courses and compliance training. ej4’s library consists of 5-15 minute soft skill, safety, compliance and Microsoft Office training courses, with many courses presented in a series format. While the videos are relatively short, learners may tune out on occasion as there’s no little to no interactivity. Simply put, the presenter is recorded while a pre-animated presentation plays behind him/her in sync with the transcript. Well done, but not very engaging. The course material is structured in much of the same way with a brief test. The quizzes in each course cover main topic areas and provide instant scoring. Even though ej4’s courses use simple presentation designs, combining them with a video presenter makes their courses stand out from the rest. Some areas where ej4 could improve are: Introducing the speaker and clearly stating the course objectives at the beginning of the video to build the speaker’s credibility. Improving the course script to avoid flippant or trendy phrases such as ‘whatever’. Breaking the video up and presenting more knowledge checks along the way would also make courses more engaging.

Reviews of ej4 - eLearning for Business courses

Josh Murrell
Josh Murrell

Very good course and to the point

Great job on this course. Very much to the point. One thing that I noticed is under the exam, the first question spelled choking incorrectly. The questions spells it "chocking".

Jeremy Caldwell

Great information on helping customers

This video was very well presented and went over some valuable information as to how to better handle customer complaints and improve service. The suggestions made sense and are something that can apply to any industry. I liked how it gave examples of the complain processes and provided suggestions on how to use that information effectively to improve services.



Although EJ4 has great content in many topic areas, this one is little too broad and loosely defined. If your trying to provide a general awareness of WPV and want it short then this course is for you.

Jeremy Caldwell

Excellent presentation

This was a very informative piece on how to improve employee engagement. The presentation and speaker were fantastic and it covered a lot of key points in a simple to understand way.

Pete LeDoux

How to Sell More

If your are new to sales or an old timer this is an easy to understand model for understanding what to target "z" and how/why "T". Clear, concise, and good framework for organizing your sales strategy. Nice use of video.


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