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We offer a performance enhancement solution, designed to increase the intellectual value of an organization. Our content provides results, immediately. Our short format content, averaging 10 minutes per course, is based on proven academic and professional research studies.

This award winning content can be viewed on any mobile device. It can be standardized, used remotely, and is always available. Video training is proven to be more effective than interactive courseware and is equally effective as live training.

Try us, and you too will experience how this engaging content will deliver results, immediately!

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Professional & well thought out online training

The ej4 library uses videos and knowledge checks to present a thoughtful and professional approach to learning new material. The courses in ej4’s library are structured as a two-part course: The first part is a video and the second part is course material. The presenters are articulate subject matter experts who present the material with the on screen display. The objectives are clearly identified and the material flows in an orderly path. Word and text art are used effectively to highlight the key points that the speaker is making both in soft skills courses and compliance training. ej4’s library consists of 5-15 minute soft skill, safety, compliance and Microsoft Office training courses, with many courses presented in a series format. While the videos are relatively short, learners may tune out on occasion as there’s no little to no interactivity. Simply put, the presenter is recorded while a pre-animated presentation plays behind him/her in sync with the transcript. Well done, but not very engaging. The course material is structured in much of the same way with a brief test. The quizzes in each course cover main topic areas and provide instant scoring. Even though ej4’s courses use simple presentation designs, combining them with a video presenter makes their courses stand out from the rest. Some areas where ej4 could improve are: Introducing the speaker and clearly stating the course objectives at the beginning of the video to build the speaker’s credibility. Improving the course script to avoid flippant or trendy phrases such as ‘whatever’. Breaking the video up and presenting more knowledge checks along the way would also make courses more engaging.

Reviews of @ej4 - eLearning for Business courses

  • Sarah Nanbu
    Sarah Nanbu June 08, 2017

    Informative and Effective

    This course is short and to-the-point. It provided just the information I needed and even had a helpful downloadable worksheet.

  • Emmanuel Emore
    Emmanuel Emore October 20, 2016

    Great information. Too short. Need more depth.

    Good course. Will recommend to others.

  • Mariann
    Mariann June 22, 2016

    Great Reminder

    This course is a great reminder on leaving professional, effective, and awesome voicemails.

  • Rob
    Rob May 17, 2016

    Video is good, exam is not

    The exam questions regarding cool colors isn't accurate based on the info provided in the video. "Which is cool, yellow or purple". In the video, both were, but the quiz only allows selecting 1.

  • Gabriel Morales
    Gabriel Morales March 29, 2016

    Vague and uninformed questions

    What kind of question asks about the type of virus you will get from a bad link? It can be any one of the viruses, but you can only choose one as a correct answer? Whoever made this test probably knows less about the questions being asked than the majority of the people taking the exam!

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