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Enspark was founded with the vision of creating e-learning solutions that break the typical e-learning mold. Since 2009 Enspark Interactive has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes, across every industry, from small retails chains to publicly traded companies and everything in between. We provide every organization access to interactive e-Learning and cutting edge, innovative solutions. Enspark is a development laboratory where ideas are dissected, problems are solved, projects are built, and amazing things are made. We are creators. Our hand-picked team specializes in e-learning solutions.

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  • Securitas
    Securitas October 13, 2017

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. This course was short enough to get the poi

  • Charles Crusha
    Charles Crusha March 10, 2016

    Very easy to navigate this

    Very easy to navigate this course. Great material.

  • lindsayosco
    lindsayosco February 02, 2016

    Great course!

    Great course!

  • Godfrey Luna
    Godfrey Luna March 26, 2015

    critical thinking and problem solving

    can't scroll the timeline to go back a little. play begins from the start not resume at current time.

  • Universal Forest Products
    Universal Forest Products August 29, 2014

    Managing Stress at Work

    The course demonstrated the causes and effects of stress effectively. The case studies gave a nice touch to the course to help display potential stressors. It would be nice to see a little more differentiation in the instruction to help engage listeners.