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Enspire Learning provides high-quality, value-creating business training solutions to organizations across the world. Our products, programs, and consultative solutions generate learning opportunities that prepare high potentials for leadership positions, transform individual contributors into managers, and improve employee productivity.

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  • David Glow
    David Glow October 01, 2011

    Fun, Engaging, Insightful Management Course

    This course is highly engaging and filled with interactivity, tools, and information to help develop your coaching skills. The content has a very good amount of breadth and depth of information, and very appropriate activities to have you apply the learning. Apply, not recall.

    I found the scenarios and simulations (which they have at several levels) genuinely challenging. They provided appropriate feedback to help guide me to better performance (a coaching course that coaches the learner). The sidebars for more information and Try it out activities were tools to provide more context to the current learning point. The course also includes interactive coaching tool that flowcharts actions based on your responses in a dynamic fashion.

    The content is highly engaging, well-organized with sidebar exercises and resources, and very polished and professional media. Building a 3-hour online course would be considered by many to be a risky design, but this is well-chunked into manageable units and includes engaging interactions. The 3 hours go by pretty quickly.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says August 02, 2011

    A wealth of financial knowledge

    Enspire Learning’s business training course provides an incredibly in-depth look into mastering the complex language of finance. This elearning course employs tutorials, case studies and engrossing simulations in which the student makes important mock business decisions. After six hours, students will be conversing in finance with the best of them.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says July 12, 2011

    An absorbing management course

    This online management course uses an incredibly thorough three step process to make sure users get the most from this course. What separates this elearning course from most is the use of engrossing simulations and challenging quizzes that push students to make the most of the system.