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About Turpin Communication

Turpin Communication is a distinctly different presentation and facilitation skills training company.
What we do is help business presenters, facilitators, trainers, and on-camera SMEs communicate more comfortably, confidently, and persuasively.

How we do it sets us apart.

Our approach is built on the idea that presenters and facilitators - whether communicating in live or virtual settings - are engaged in ORDERLY CONVERSATIONS.

This means that (1) business presentations are not speeches and should not be approached as if they are, (2) presenting and facilitating are essentially the same process, (3) when presenters and facilitators initiate a genuine conversation, they are not only more successful, they are also less nervous, and (4) everyone responds to the tensions involved in an Orderly Conversation differently, and these responses must be recognized and managed.

When we apply these principles to the training process, participants develop the skills and insight they need to:
» Engage their listeners
» Feel more confident and comfortable
» Think on their feet
» Enhance their individual communication style
» Understand and work with their natural approach to preparation
» Organize information with their listeners in mind
» Manage the twists and turns of group discussion

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